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Tack & Caravan Theft Hambledon 14-15 August 2022 - Thursday, August 18 2022
Tack & Caravan Theft from Bury Lodge Farm Hambledon between 8pm Sunday 14th August and 7:30am Monday 15th August 2022.

6 berth Bailey Senator Carolina which at point of theft had duct tape over front windows and bathroom window.

Theft of tack from Bury Lodge Farm Hambledon please be aware of these items being offered for sale.
Equilibrium massage pad in carry case
Stubben bridle with turtle top neue schule bit and plaited reins ( this has sentimental value - obviously not and reins could be reMoved)
Almost new hi-viz tabbard and hat band
Chilli bullet hat cam
Charles Owen hat size 56
Horse shower on red trolley
Scoot hoof boots x 4 blue and yellow straps
Cavallo hoof boots
Equisafety hiviz winter jacket

Other items stolen but not likely to be sold but just to warn people of what they are taking ;-
4 x aubiose bales
All feed that was in sacks
Bute (100 sachets)
Prascend medication
Infa red thermometer
Grooming kits
Fly spray
Shampoos (left behind cheap Morrisons brand)
Grazing masks
Lunge and schooling whips

Left behind cheap halters and no name bridle and saddle.

Any information or if you see these items advertised, please call Hampshire Police on 101
See Owner's Facebook Post

Stolen Cattle Trailer in the New Forest - Monday, October 18 2021
TA510 14ft x 7ft cattle trailer with sump fitted.
Stolen from field at Otter Wood, Exbury overnight 17/18th October 2021

Crime no INC - 20211018-14.

Any information, please call Hampshire Police on 101 or owner Tel: 07909981043

Missing Foal - Pancrasweek, Near Holsworthy - Tuesday, August 31 2021

5 day old foal missing from Holsworthy Decon EX22, listed as stolen, still dependant on mum


Advice To Stable Owners Following Break-Ins In The North of Hampshire - Thursday, April 15 2021
Message from Hampshire Police

We’re urging stable owners to be vigilant and take precautions in light of some break-ins we’ve had recently in the North of the county.

Between 6 April and 14 April we have had reports of horse stables being broken into in the Eversley area of Hook, as well as in the Blackbush area. We’d encourage you to spread the word to any friends or relatives who have stables outside of these areas too.

During these incidents, miscellaneous items such as riding helmets and tack equipment have been taken.

These incidents are in addition to reports of various farm buildings being broken into across the Hook area in the last three to four weeks.

Enquiries are ongoing to establish the wider circumstances around these incidents and who is responsible, but in the meantime we’re encouraging stable owners to take precautions that will make it more difficult for thieves to get hold of your goods.

So what can I do?

On a very basic level – make sure everything is locked up securely! We have had incidents where certain doors have been left unlocked, offering an access point for potential intruders.

As a more detailed addition to the above, to better secure your yard and stables we would encourage you to consider the following:
• secure tack room windows on the inside with solid iron bars (not tubular steel)
• secure all doors with good quality locks; use bolts (not screws) on the hinges
• if possible, create a physical barrier across a door. If you are an owner of heavy plant machinery then you could consider parking this in front of a door to block off access to any valuable equipment.
• mark your tack using an ultraviolet pen – perhaps write your post code on your tack with the UV pen.
• display warning signage advertising CCTV in the area to deter thieves
• padlock gates with substantial padlocks and heavy duty chains
• reverse top hinges on gates to prevent lifting
• install security lights and an intruder alarm
Why not check out our dedicated rural crime prevention page on our website for further information on all aspects of rural crime: https://www.hampshire.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/rc/rural-crime/rural-crime-prevention/#tack

If you’ve been a victim of crime, please call us on 101 or make a report via our website reporting tool.

Dial 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.

KENNEL THEFT - Monday, July 6 2020
As I opened the main gates one morning, I noticed that Jess, my Border Collie, was upset and very irritated, growling with her hackles up as she stared across the road. I assumed that she had the scent of a fox and didn't take much notice, however when I opened the car park gates, I was shocked to see a large amount of debris strewn across the car park floor and, to my amazement, our dog kennels were gone. Being a gentleman, I will not tell you what my next few words were, but I was certainly not a happy chappie.

Some not-so-kind people had forced their way into the car park through the bottom gates, which are situated away from the cameras. They had managed to dismantle the entire set of holding kennels, load them onto a flatbed truck, and drive off into the night. With the help of good old social media, some very vigilant neighbours, and footage from our CCTV, we are following several lines of enquiry, and hopefully our property will be returned back to its rightful place. In the meantime, if someone offers you a galvanised set of three kennels, or you see one pop up in a neighbour's garden, please let me know!

Bryan Pass
Longdown Activity Farm
Tel: 023 8029 2837

Theft of Equestrian Items from Fields in Lymington - Tuesday, March 17 2020
The following was stolen from fields near the Walhampton Arms, Lymington.

3 bags of horse food
Electric fence posts
1 bale haylage

Any information, please call the police on 101

Stolen Rug Rack - Saturday, December 28 2019
Wrapped presents were stolen from a locked car in Minstead on Christmas eve. One of the stolen gift-wrapped items was a rug rack.
If anyone hears of one being advertised or it see it dumped, please contact: grahampurbrick@sky.com or 07815 313182

Theft of a Kubota RTV from a rural premises farm in East Dorset. - Wednesday, July 31 2019

Sometime during the night of Wednesday 24th July and the morning of Thursday 25th July 2019 a camouflage Kubota RTV 900 was stolen from a building near Wimborne.

The registration that the RTV was bearing when it was stolen was HF07GUD. The RTV has some damage to the front ball bar and has no front windscreen wiper arm there is also a crack in the rear offside camo plastics.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at www.dorset.police.uk, via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55190114758.

Alternatively if you wish to remain anonymous please contact Rural Crimestoppers on 0800 783 0137 or via www.ruralcrimereportingline.uk

What is your security arrangement like for your ATV or UTV? Is it secure enough to stop thieves taking it?

We have put together a list of security measure to consider using to secure your ATV’s and UTV’s.

• Keep your vehicle in a lockable garage or building and make sure you remove the keys and keep them in a secure location and out of view, not hidden on the vehicle and out of view of any windows.

• Use a grip lock that locks the breaks on the machine to prevent it being moved without removal.

• Physically secure your machine using suitable locking devices and fixed ground anchors secured to the floor using heavy duty security chains and padlocks.

• Consider fitting isolating systems to machines that will prevent theft such as fuel and battery isolators.

• Keep and doors or windows to sheds shut to prevent persons seeing what’s inside when there not in use.

• Cover any windows to the building where your vehicle is kept this will prevent any persons looking through the windows.

• Consider installing security lighting and CCTV with sensors and PIR Alarms on the perimeter of the building or premises.

• Get your machine marked with security marking schemes such as Datatag or CESAR.

• Consider fitting forensic marking solution’s to quads and ATVs

• Consider fitting immobilizers, VHF and GPS Tracking devices.

• Why not contact your local dealer and ask them what they can do for you to prevent your vehicle from being stolen?

• Insurance companies will often offer a discount to premiums with these types of measures. Machines fitted and registered with security markings such as Datatag are 4 times less likely to be stolen and our 6 times more likely to be recovered if they are stolen.

• Record machinery serial numbers and take photographs for reference. If the machine is ever stolen a photo will increase publicity prospects and recovery of the machine.

• Report suspicious vehicle or callers to Police by calling 999 if the vehicle or occupants are seen committing crime or phone 101 or via email 101@dorset.pnn.police.uk if the vehicle is seen acting suspiciously.

• To find out more information of what’s available or to arrange a bespoke crime prevention visit to your farm or rural premises please email the team directly at ruralcrimeteam@dorset.pnn.police.uk.

STOLEN - Ifor Williams Horse Trailer 505 model - Sunday, March 18 2018
Stolen between 14th - 15th March 2018
Location: Rural Location. Beech, North Hampshire

Blue with aluminium trim & floor. See attached photograph.

The thieves overcame a security device to remove the trailer. Was last seen being towed at speed by a dark estate vehicle in the Headley down area early morning 15/03/18

Please call 101 quoting crime number 44180101004

Stolen Iseki TXG237 Compact Tractor - Friday, February 16 2018
Iseki TXG237 compact tractor stolen from Greatham on 13/02.

If you have any info on where the tractor is or see it advertised, please call 101 quoting crime number 44180059277


Theft of Andover RDA trailer - Saturday, January 20 2018
BE VIGILANT - THEFT - An Andover Andover RDA trailer has been stolen from the church car park at Abbotts Ann.

Identifying factors - Ifor Williams 501. Green. Pre-loved. One of the sidelights, which stick out like an antenna, is lower than the other. The offside clip to hold the back door open has been recently mended. It has full length breech bars in it. NO CENTRAL PARTITION.

It was last seen on Tuesday [16th] this week & was noticed to be missing Wednesday afternoon.

The trailer had an Andover RDA logo on it, which is probably now not on it!

Incident reported to Rachel. Column number 16941. Incident number 44180022553. Thank you.

Burglary and Theft Location Ticehurst, Sussex - Sunday, December 10 2017
Date: 03/12/2017

A barn on a farm in Church Street, Ticehurst, was broken into and all the horse tack was stolen. This included five saddles and stirrups, one was a brown Stubben, bridles & numnahs.
A green Ifor Williams HB505 horse trailer, serial number 257643 was also stolen.

Details supplied by Sussex Farm Watch

Farmers Grant Fraud Alert from Action Fraud - Thursday, December 7 2017
Payment Diversion Fraud
The purpose of this alert is to provide knowledge and prevention advice to farmers in order to protect themselves from falling victim to 'Payment Diversion Fraud'. CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) payments are expected to be paid to farmers in December 2017. Information on last year's payments are easily obtained via the government website allowing fraudsters to know when and how much potential targets will receive.

Fraudsters who purport to be a trusted senior colleague or established customer may request that you change their direct debit, standing order or amend a bank transfer so that the payment can be diverted to a bank account which is in control of the fraudster. Fraudsters will often make the request under the pretence of a highly sensitive or urgent transaction.

Contact is made via phone, letter but most commonly via email (personal or work address) used by the organisation or employee (which has either been spoofed or hacked). The fraudster then provides bank account details into which the monies should be paid.

. Ensure all staff, not just finance teams are aware of this fraud.
. Always verify email payment changes to financial agreements with the organisation directly using established contact details you have on file. If called ask the caller to give you a main switchboard number for you to be routed back to them. Alternatively, hang up and call them back using established contact details you have on file.
. Have a system in place which allows staff to properly verify contact from their CEO or senior members of staff; for example having two points of contact so that the staff can check that the instruction which they have received from their CEO is legitimate.
. Always review requests to change 'one off' payment requests. Check for inconsistencies or grammatical errors, such as a misspelt company name or a slightly different email address. Ensure computer systems are secure and that antivirus software is up to date.

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