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NFED News & Service Status

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26-10-2020, 14:08

Further Security Updates Installed.

The proxy & VPN blocks installed last month are working very well with 300,000 hits to date & only 17 x IP addresses added to the whitelist to allow access.

To make it even harder for scammers, the following rules have been added...

Continent blocks will now refuse access from all countries in Africa, Asia & South America.
Country blocks will now refuse access from: Russia & other eastern countries. Further countries can be added if we have problems.

Obviously, you should always take care both on & offline, but these new safety features should make it far harder for scammers from overseas & encourage them to go elsewhere.

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03-10-2020, 06:25

Sagepay Rebranded Opayo

Our payment processing company Sagepay is rebranding as Opayo. This will provide the same 5-star service and excellent level of security and payments protection, just a new name.

It will take a while to update all mentions of the name and logos but rest assured that Sagepay and Opayo are exactly the same company.

See more at:

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25-09-2020, 16:09

Upgraded NFED Safety/Security Features – IP Checks

To provide the safest environment for all users, the IP address of all NFED visitors is now automatically checked using a third-party service ProxyCheck. Each IP address is given a risk score, access will be blocked if the risk is high.

There is a small chance that genuine ISPs may be blocked, but a review can be requested. The IP address will be manually evaluated & allowed access if considered safe.

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20-08-2020, 16:36

Phone Number Removed from Homepage

As explained previously, we are trying to reduce administration to allow us to keep the NFED going in the future. The FAQs do cover almost everything phone call that we receive, other calls are completely unrelated to the NFED, so the number has been removed from the Contact Us section on the homepage. We can still be easily contacted by Email, text, WhatsApp or Facebook message, so it shouldn’t cause too many issues.

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08-08-2020, 07:40

Employment Offered Category Renamed Job Vacancies

It is very clearly stated in the Classifieds Guidelines that we do not allow Jobs Wanted or Services in the Classifieds, but we still get the occasional job wanted advert submitted. To try to remove any confusion, the category has been renamed as Job Vacancies.

If a paid ad is rejected, the payment will obviously be refunded. We do not take payment for a service that we have not provided.

PayPal will now retain their charges from the refunded amount. On a classified advert payment of £8.99, the PayPal fee is 56p. The refund will be the full amount that we receive £8.43.

If the error is ours, the full £8.99 will be refunded leaving us 56p out of pocket, but we cannot cover the costs if the guidelines have not been read before accepting them.

Card payments will be voided if processed on the same day. This means that the payment is cancelled by us (the merchant) & will not be deducted from the consumer's debit or credit card account.

When a transaction is voided, it shows up as a pending transaction on the customer's account for a short period of time, while the process is being completed.

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06-08-2020, 06:35

NFED – The Future

The NFED was started in my spare time in 1999 to provide a useful, safe online resource for local horse owners, event organisers & equestrian businesses. The aim has always been to provide outstanding & efficient service, the sort of service that I would expect & be happy to use myself. Prices have always been kept to a minimum, just enough to cover expenses & keep the business viable.

There are thousands of regular users that really appreciate this service & I do not want this to change but am now looking towards the future & retirement in a few years’ time.
Several options have been considered including closing it down or selling the business, but I have decided to keep it running but simplifying where possible to reduce administration, giving me more free time.

Full automation isn’t an option, it needs the personal touch to keep it safe, but will rely on users to taking a little more responsibility. The Help & FAQ section is being updated & some simple instruction videos are underway which we hope will make it easier, especially for first time users. If you have any questions or need help, please do check the FAQs.

The classifieds are as popular as ever but take a lot of administration time mainly due to guidelines not being followed. If you are submitting an advert, please do read the guidelines.

Make sure the ad is in the correct category.
Free ads (offered) must include a price. No price, it won’t be approved.
Horses Wanted - Loan, Share or Riding Wanted - Stables, Fields, Livery Wanted - Property Wanted are no longer free.
Repeat ads must be over two months old.

For genuine issues, I am still here & happy to help, but most problems are caused by one or more of the above. Reminder Emails are no longer being sent out. If your advert has not been approved after 24 hours, please see the FAQs.

Event Calendar
The popular calendar works extremely well & is very well used. With the many online booking systems now available, it is one of the only places you can see events regardless of the booking system or platform used.

Running the events section is labour intensive, but manageable providing all the information is supplied & the event is submitted in plenty of time.

Events can be submitted as soon as the date is known, details can be added afterwards. Some events are submitted at very short notice, mainly due to advertising elsewhere has not worked & spaces are still available. Adding an event, only to remove it again in a few days, simply is not worth my time for what is generally a free service. I will be introducing a minimum period to make the work worthwhile. This will also ensure the event goes out on the newsletter Forthcoming Events section, giving the event maximum exposure.

Services Directory
No real changes are needed on the Directory; it works very well. One thing that has been introduced is the convenient Subscribe & Save option. This gives 10% discount to advertisers paying monthly with PayPal subscription. It removes the need for renewal reminders & time spent replacing expired listings.

Many of our users have grown up with the NFED making me feel very old. Hopefully making these changes now & allowing me to have a little more time will allow the NFED to continue as a popular, safe website for many more years to come.

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16-07-2020, 14:59

New Larger Link Buttons

Buttons have all been replaced with clearer, larger ones on all four sections of the NFED; Classifieds, Directory, Calendar & News section.

If you still see the old buttons or they are distorted, please refresh the page or clear your browser history.

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14-07-2020, 16:16

*NEW* Services Directory - Subscribe & Save

PayPal recurring payments for directory listings were introduced as an option in December 2017.

These have proved to be very successful; advertisers no longer need to renew the listing & we have reduced administration work.

To encourage new & renewing advertisers to opt for this system, a new Subscribe & Save system has been set up which reduces the price by 10% over the single payments.

Standard Directory Listing is now £3.00 per month
Economy Listing £1.50 per month

All new subscriptions will be at the reduced price. Existing subscriptions are being amended & should be completed this week.

Each listing will be shared monthly on the NFED Facebook Page & Group on the day payment is received.

To find out how to use the NFED to advertise your services, go to:

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03-07-2020, 07:23

Important Updates to the NFED Classifieds 03-07-20

We can no longer offer free wanted ads in the following categories: Horses Wanted - Loan, Share or Riding Wanted - Stables, Fields, Livery Wanted - Property Wanted

These ads will now require the normal payment, but as paid ads will be featured & appear on the weekly newsletter giving added coverage. Existing wanted ads will remain until they expire or are removed by the advertiser but will not be renewed without payment.

The advert categories have been rearranged with the wanted categories immediately following the offered categories. The unused Lorries & Trailers Wanted category has been removed completely.

The ratio of wanted to offered ads has simply become unsustainable as a business which puts the whole NFED at risk. With ever increasing overheads there were limited options: either remove the wanted categories, increase the price of all ads, introduce third party advertising, or charge the standard fee for wanted ads.

Many advertisers were already paying to upgrade & feature their wanted ads, which shows there is a demand for them, so charging the standard fee seemed to be the best & fairest option.

We do understand that some will think this unfair, but the wanted ads do take the same resources as offered ads, whilst preventing some offered ads being posted.

Those that do not wish to pay, can view the offered ads, set up an alert to receive Emails about the latest ads, follow us on social media for notifications or sign up for the free weekly newsletter.

Low value ads up to £174.99 & jobs offered are unchanged & will remain free subject to the guidelines being followed.
The FAQ “Why hasn't my been advert approved?” has been updated & moved up the list. Anyone posting an advert has accepted the guidelines & prices so a further Email should be unnecessary, so will not be sent out.

Unpaid ads will be removed from the waiting list after 2 days. The details & photos will be kept for 28 days to allow us to post a new advert for you if late payment is received.

The NFED is a very small business run on a very tight budget. Small changes like this will help to keep the business manageable, viable & online for all our regular users.

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01-06-2020, 06:39

NFED Update - June 1st 2020

It looks like CV19 lockdown restrictions are being gradually lifted, so with grateful thanks to Rishi Sunak we still have a business to run as we enter the new normal.

A reminder to everyone to please read the Classifieds Guidelines. If you are posting a free ad, it must include a price of no more than £174.99. Repeat ads under two months offered or wanted, do not qualify as free ads. No services in the classifieds, they must go in the directory.

As explained clearly in the Guidelines, there is only one classifieds system. The payment button will always show, if you have posted a free ad and you do not want to feature it, ignore the payment section.

Due to a new Paypal refund policy. Any charges incurred from the payment processing company will now be deducted from any refunds. Guidelines have been updated.

Services Directory renewals will be restarted on the 1st June.

Event Diary is now open to new events, entries have started to trickle in.

When an NFED advert is shared on Facebook, only the title and first 100 characters will be shared with a link to the full ad. Please do not mention buying, selling or the price in this part of the ad. If you do, we cannot share it on the NFED Facebook page or group. Just include the price at the end of the advert.

Thank you once again to all our users. We’ve been online for over 20 years now & couldn’t do it without you. Please keep spreading the word.


The answers to most questions can be found in the Help & FAQs if not please post the question here or feel free to Contact Us

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