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NFED Blog & Technical Updates

  • 0 A Busy Time 2nd –  5th April. Delays Expected!

    We have a busy few days ahead, which means that order processing: new & renewed classifieds ads, events, directory listing & responses to questions will take a little longer than normal. If you have a question, don't forget to check out the Help & FAQs section, nearly everything we get asked is answered in there, so it saves waiting for a reply. We always say to allow 24 hours & hopefully everything will still be done within this time. The newsletter next week may be a day late, depending on how things go. Apologies for any delays & hopefully back to normal from Tuesday 5th April.

  • 0 Payment Outage Resolved

    Yesterday (21-03-22), Opayo/Sagepage had technical problems that prevented card transactions from being processed. This affected all websites & shops using their services. This has now been resolved & services are operating normally.

  • 0 NFED into 2022 & BEYOND

    The NFED has now entered its 24th year, so time for an update. This time last year I was wondering whether to continue, there were just so many things to update, the server was reaching end of life & I was seriously considering closing it down. I finally decided to knuckle down, rebuild the entire site on a brand-new server & I’m glad I did. We start this year with a slimmed down site, up to date & faster. It is far easier & more efficient to run, which means we can keep it going with no change to prices despite our increased running costs. The Help & FAQs have been updated & now cover virtually all the queries we receive, which has allowed us to remove the admin phone numbers. We are still happy to answer queries received by Email, WhatsApp or messenger, but this lets us escape the office for a few hours. Email delivery is greatly improved. DKIM, SPF & PTR is configured to keep Emails out of the spam folder. The site map is now uploaded daily to Google & Bing, which greatly helps to improve search ranking for the site, all adverts, business listings & events. The weekly Newsletter continues to be very popular, with many thousands of subscribers & our latest Facebook page is gaining momentum after previously be removed twice by Facebook. Proxycheck has been added to help in the fight against scammers. This effectively blocks non-UK counties, VPNs & proxy servers from accessing parts of the NFED. It has been a huge success & certainly the most successful thing that we have found so far, well worth the additional running cost. We remain a very small business, but with a very wide reach. The site regularly receives over 500,000 hits per day. So, it all looks good for the future. All we ask from you is to keep using the NFED & continue spreading the word & we will do our best to keep this unique service going. If you have an equestrian business, please consider a listing in the directory. Prices start at only £1.50 per month for an economy listing or £3.00 per month for a standard listing. If you are organising an equestrian event, please put it in the diary regardless of which other systems you are using for entries. Thank You for your continued support & Happy New Year to You All. Steve & Claire

  • 0 Christmas & New Year Period

    The site will be running normally over the holiday period, but please allow longer for adverts to be approved, events to be added or responses to queries. The answer to 99% of all the questions received can be found in the Help & FAQs, so don't forget to check there if you are in a hurry. I will be having a couple of weeks break from my Monday morning job of compiling the newsletter, so the next newsletter will be out on Monday 10th January. Finally, we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas & a huge thank you for continuing to support the NFED & keeping this unique service online. Steve & Claire xx

  • 0 Classifieds Photo Upload Software Updated

    The classifieds upload software has been updated to the latest version. It works & looks exactly the same, but may help to remove a few bugs. We are still getting occasional issues with HEIC format photos from just a few iPhones being uploaded, but not resized or shown in the browser. HEIC is incompatible with webservers, but the phone should convert images to the widely used jpg format before uploading, unless the settings are changed on the phone. On an iPhone or iPad: 1: Go to Settings > Photos.2: Scroll down to the Transfer to Mac or PC section.3: Select Automatic. Photos should then upload as compatible jpg's without having to edit your original images. The majority of photos from iPhones are uploaded without any issues, so must still be on the default "Automatic" setting. These instructions have been added to the FAQS. If any of these failed photos are seen, they will be manually resized & replaced, but it would be much better for all to resolve this issue before uploading.

  • 0 Email Validation Improvements

    The NFED server now has the latest Email validation; DKIM, SPF & DMARC working correctly, which should help to keep Emails sent from the NFED out of the spam/junk folders. Emails include: Classified’s advert details, classifieds enquiries, event details confirmation & directory listing confirmations. Shopping cart & Newsletter Emails are sent from RomanCart, which as far as I can see have not implemented these validation systems, but I am chasing them up. Replies to enquiries are sent via standard Email systems so are unaffected. If you have sent an enquiry but haven’t received a reply, please check your spam folders. Update 26-08-21No rejected sent Emails apart from those with incorrect Email addresses. Please check your spelling before sending! Here’s a few rejected Emails from the server logs. The mail server could not deliver mail to *******@icloud.con ******* user is over quota ******* The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. The mail server could not deliver mail to *******@aol.con ******* Requested mail action aborted, mailbox not found

  • 0 Sold & Unwanted Classifieds Ads

    If you have an advert that is no longer required, items are sold or you have found what you are looking for, please remove the advert & help keep the classifieds tidy. To remove the ad, just click on the Edit or Delete link at the bottom. If you have forgotten your password, the system will send it to you. If all else fails, we can remove the ad for you. Old ads are a major frustration for everyone. They waste time & they push current ads down the list. It is much better for everyone if they are removed rather than marked as sold. Full instruction in the FAQs: How to Remove an Advert Thank You

  • 0 Bank Transfer & Cheque Payments Added to Shopping Cart

    Bank Transfer payments & cheques have now been added as a payment option alongside credit/debit card & Paypal on the NFED shopping cart making it very easy for those that bank online or through their banking app or prefer not to pay at all online.  The payment details are shown on the order confirmation screen & will be sent by Email when the order is complete. The order will remain pending until the payment is made & confirmed. Cheque must be cleared before the order is processed. For more information see

  • 0 NFED Equestrian Facebook Group Removed

    We have now permanently removed the NFED Equestrian Facebook Group. To continue receiving NFED Facebook notifications Like & Follow the page: & please tell your friends to do the same. This does not affect the NFED Website or Newsletter, the NFED is completely independent. The Facebook & Twitter pages are only provided to notify social media users of the latest posts, news, events & featured ads. The group was created as temporary stop gap when our page was removed by Facebook. The new page works far better for us than the group, so the group was no longer required & having both was very confusing for people. This allows us to concentrate on running the NFED efficiently as possible & sharing the latest updates on the Facebook page.

  • 0 Some iPhone/pad Photos Not Uploading.

    This seems to be a recent problem with the iPhone HEIC photo format which is not recognized by web servers. The device should convert the photo to a widely compatible JPG, but not all photos are being converted. Change your iPhone/pad settings to make it automatically convert photos to a more compatible format when transferring. Follow the instructions below to do so: Go to Settings > Photos. Scroll down to the Transfer to Mac or PC section. Tap Automatic. As with all photo problems, don't struggle you can always send them over by Email, WhatsApp or Facebook & they will be uploaded for you.  

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