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NFED Service Status, Site News, Upgrades & Support

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14-06-2019, 07:19

NFED Mobile Updates

The mobile site classifieds now have a separate system for posting, modifying or deleting adverts

The mobile version is decluttered with much larger text for small screen use.
It shares the same database as the main site, so regardless of which you use, the ads will be seen on both sites.

If you prefer the cleaner format, it also works well on tablets & has the full directory & events sections.

Go to & add it to your home screen.

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05-06-2019, 09:37

NFED Mobile Site Updated

The full advert view in the mobile classifieds has been updated to give an improved view & the advert link now goes to the mobile version to make sharing easier.

To use the site, go to & remember to add to your home screen for quicker access.

The mobile site contains all of the classifieds, services directory & event diary from the main site databases. As Facebook continues to remove adverts for horses & other animals, the mobile site will become far more useful, so don't forget to spread the word.

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01-06-2019, 04:49

NFED Facebook Page Offline

Despite Facebook claiming that they DO allow businesses that sell animals from a shop front or website, they have suspended the NFED Facebook page for being in breach of Community Standards? I have appealed, but as they seem to be enforcing the no advertising animals’ rule in a haphazard way across the board, I don’t hold out too much hope. The Facebook like & share buttons will remain to allow direct sharing of site content.

Obviously, it will be a shame to lose the Facebook page but it doesn’t affect the main NFED or mobile website, it is only an add on. The majority of genuine Facebook followers do visit the site every day & subscribe to the weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to the free newsletter at

If the Facebook page is removed permanently, it will take a while to remove links across the site & I don’t want to do this until I know for sure it will not be coming back, any updates will be posted here.

To be honest I have no faith in Facebook & am reluctant to spend too much time on this as they will probably only move the goal posts again. The NFED had been online for over 20 years & had a Facebook page for less than 10, it makes very little difference to site traffic. As the Facebook purge continues, it can only be good for existing sites such as the NFED.
Yes, we do charge a nominal fee, but this is necessary to keep the site online as a viable business, unlike other sites & social media, we don’t use third party advertising or user data to profit.

Don’t forget to check out the NFED daily. If you are on a phone, try the mobile site at:
To make it simple, add a shortcut on your screen. Go to either site & tap on share, then add to home screen & it will show on your screen like any other app.

If you are looking for something in particular, you can set up Email alerts in the classifieds to get a daily Email containing links to matching ads.

If you are missing notifications & updates, you can follow us on Twitter to get all the same posts as the Facebook page.

Be aware that Facebook are removing posts, groups & pages that contain horse or animal sales. Changing group or page names, hiding prices in pictures or comments, cryptic wording or similar doesn’t seem to make any difference & trying to cheat the system may get you banned from Facebook completely. The safest way is to advertise on a website, preferably NFED & then share the link. See post below for details.

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29-05-2019, 06:50

Sharing NFED Ads on Facebook

Each NFED ad has it’s own unique URL or link which gives every advert it’s own webpage which can be shared. Although Facebook are not allowing adverts for animals to be posted, they are still allowing sharing of ads from other websites.

Please note, some groups are still nervous of shared links, but that is up to the individual group admins & any rules that they may have in place.

When you view the full ad on the NFED, you will see a link which ends in the advert number such as
You can copy & paste the link anywhere you like or use the share options below the advert. This will post the link & photo, but depending on what mood Facebook is in, you may have to type in the heading, but beware of including too much information or you may risk Facebook removing it.

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25-05-2019, 06:21

Facebook Community Standards & the sale of any animals.

If you’ve tried advertising on Facebook lately & had your post removed, you’re probably wondering why.

Facebook don’t allow the sale or exchange of animals between private individuals, on FB Marketplace or buy & sell groups. Facebook desperately want to be seen to be cleaning up their act & are now enforcing their Community Standards, which includes this rule.

Facebook DO allow businesses that sell animals from a shop front or website. We have had several posts removed, all but one were reinstated following an appeal.

To comply with this policy, the Facebook post will include the advert headline & short description with a link to the full ad on the NFED website for further details.

Our Facebook page is just an add on for the NFED. It is intended to alert FB users to the latest posts & make them easy to share, but the site is not reliant on FB. It will be very different for the many groups that rely entirely on Facebook, so interesting times ahead.

The full Facebook Community Standards can be seen at:

What kinds of things can't be sold on Facebook or Marketplace?

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27-04-2019, 06:57

Classifieds Submission Stage 3 Updated

The last page of the classifieds submission has been updated & decluttered.
New links have been added to reload the photo uploading forms, clearer preview button & payment links.

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27-03-2019, 07:30

Style Sheet Update

If you are missing the titles on the NFED index page, please refresh the page & they should appear. The main style sheet has been updated, if the old style sheet is held in your history, the titles may not show.

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09-02-2019, 08:30


Due to the equine flu, there are many questions being asked about events.

All events will remain in the NFED Diary unless we are notified directly by the event organiser of any changes or cancellations. We cannot act on unverified information from social media.


If you have an event in the diary & would like to update or cancel it, please contact us by any of the usual means. The NFED is run from home, so you can contact us any time including weekends.

Any updated events will be posted under What’s New Facebook & Twitter.

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28-12-2018, 15:15

Event Calendar Mods

The date is now shown automatically in the map view, so is no longer needed in the event title.
Next & Previous arrows which had somehow been lost, have been replaced in all viewing options.

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29-11-2018, 10:27

New Simplified Classifieds Control Panel

A link has been added to the bottom of each full classified ad which goes to the new control panel with the advert number already entered, so it is just a case of entering the advert password to edit or delete an advert. Shopping cart links to pay for new ads or renew older ads have been included.
The original control panel is still in place & is unchanged.

The answers to most questions can be found in the Help & FAQs if not please post the question here or feel free to Contact Us

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