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Confidence with Obstacles


Confidence with Obstacles is a fun and engaging way to build your horse's confidence with a variety of obstacles. Suitable for all horses from young to old. Enhance your horse's engagement and gain a stronger bond. Playing with obstacles is great for building your horse's confidence in many areas including hacking, trailer loading and competition. Great for youngsters, non-ridden horses and all those in between.

Jo Tucker is your obstacles coach, she has a wealth of experience in coaching handlers and riders with their horses using psychology and horsemanship techniques. She will coach you and your horse through the obstacles aiming for calmness and confidence, developing take home strategies to use in other situations such as out hacking, at competitions, trailer loading and general handling.

Jo holds regular events or can bring the obstacles to you at your yard or riding club. Jo will lead the session coaching you and your horse to gain confidence with each obstacle, going as slowly as necessary for nervous horses or stretching the challenge for those braver horses.

Ref: 2569-548

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=548

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