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How to Use the NFED Services Directory for Your Business

The NFED has been the established equestrian information site for the central southern area since 1999. If you run an equestrian or countryside business or offer your freelance services, the NFED is the ideal place to reach these potential customers whilst helping us to provide this unique service.

The Service Directory is easy to use, categorised and searchable so that users can easily find the services they need. The NFED is open to everyone in the UK, no apps or membership are required to access it or view the content. Unlike most other sites, no intrusive third party advertising is used.

No technical knowledge is needed, we do all the work for you. Simply send us the details and photos, we create and manage the listing for you. If you select to pay by monthly subscription, your listing will be shared on our social pages each month. If you need to update the listing, just let us know.

To see a listing example: Click Here

Every new or renewed listing will be featured throughout the NFED. It will also be included on the newsletter and social media pages. Listings paid by monthly subscription are shared on social media after each payment.

If you already have a website or Facebook page, a link will be added. Having a link to your site from an established website can help your search engine positioning and can increase your social media traffic without having to pay Facebook to boost posts, which can prove surprisingly expensive.

If you don’t have a website, you can use your listing instead: www.nfed.co.uk/yourname. There's no extra cost, just ask and it will be set up for you. Once set up, feel free to share or use the link in advertising to send customers directly to your listing.

Event Diary
If you use the NFED event diary to advertise your events, or events are held at your venue, with a Standard listing all commercial events are completely free of charge regardless of where the event is held, or free for anyone using your venue. Each event will contain a link to your listing to provide further information for site visitors, whilst giving extra free advertising for you. Click Here for an example.

Business News
The Business News service comes with a Standard Listing at no extra cost. News items will appear on the Local News page, What's New and social media pages.

Classifieds Trade Adverts
A Standard Listing gives free trade (max £174.99 & excluding equines) & livery vacancy adverts in the classifieds subject to usage limits & guidelines.

Listing Options
We offer two listing options; Standard with all the features, or a half price Economy without the extras.
Check out the comparison chart below to see which is best for your needs.

Payment Options
Option 1: Monthly PayPal subscription & save 10%.
Option 2: Single payment by Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

  Economy Listing Standard Listing
Max Number of Photos One Twenty One
Max Number of Categories One Four
Website Link
Facebook Page Link
Video Links
Free Commercial Events
Diary Links
Map View
Free Trade Ads up to £174.99
Free Livery Classified Ads
Business News
Subscribe & Save - Monthly Payment ✅ £1.50 month ✅ £3.00 month
Pay with single payment 3 months ✅ £15.00
Pay with single payment 6 months ✅ £12.50 ✅ £25.00
Pay with single payment 12 months ✅ £20.00 ✅ £40.00

To Submit Your Listing
Advertising your services in the Directory couldn't be easier. You fill in the form below and send your photos, we then do all the work for you. When you need your listing updated, just ask and we will be happy to help.

You can choose to pay monthly by Paypal subscription & save 10% or select how long you wish to advertise and pay in full by card or Paypal. If you pay in full, you will be notified by Email when the renewal is due.

  • Heading: This should be your name or company heading (max 75 characters).

  • Listing Text:This is a full description of the services that you offer. It is your responsibility to ensure that your listings accurately describes your business or service that you provide. You may find it easier to write this out before, check the wording & spelling, then copy & paste in into the form.

  • Address: If you prefer not to show your full address, just enter town & county.

  • Phone Numbers: You can enter two numbers here if you wish.

  • Email: An Email address is required for admin purposes, but you can select whether to display it in your listing as a contact option.

  • Website: If you have a website, enter the URL here. If you don't have a website, leave this field blank.

  • Facebook Page: If you have a Facebook Business page, enter the URL here. Leave this field blank if you don't have a page. Please note that personal profiles are not the same & will not be used.

  • Categories: Select up to four suitable categories for a standard listing or one for economy listing.
    Categories must be relevant or they will not be used. Categories may be exchanged if others are more suitable.

  • Photos: With a standard listing, you can have a main image or logo, plus up to twenty photos in the gallery.
    An economy listing has main image or logo, but no gallery.
    The main image or logo can be uploaded with the listing details or after submitting your listing.
    Photos can be submitted by Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Dropbox, post or Facebook message.
    Please ensure you have permission to use the photos & include any specific instruction & state which you would like as the main image.

  • Payments: Payment can be made online by card, Paypal or by monthly subscription.

Your listing will normally be activated within 24 hours of receiving the details & payment.
To modify your listing or change photos, please Email the details or instructions to: editor@nfed.co.uk
We reserve the right to refuse our business services to any business that we consider inappropriate, in competition or offer a duplication of any of the services that we offer.

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FOR SERVICES ONLY. To advertise items, animals or vehicles for sale, please use the Classifieds.


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