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NFED Equestrian Services Directory Submission

To discover more about the Services Directory, how to use it for your business or to see an example, please Click Here

This is for Services Only. To advertise horses, vehicles, tack or other items, please go to the Classifieds

OPTION 1: Standard Directory Listing

* Up to four relevant categories
* Up to twelve photos

+ Business News Page. Articles will also go out on the Newsletter, Facebook &Twitter.
+ Free commercial events (clinics, tack sales, etc) in the diary.
+ Free trade/commercial classifieds value up to £174.99. (Any other usage limits & charges will apply)
+ Free livery vacancy classifieds for listed yards. (To feature or exceed usage limits charges will apply)

Monthly by Automatic Paypal Subscription
£3.34 per month

Single Payment by Card or Paypal
£40.00 for 12 Months
£25.00 for 6 Months
£15.00 for 3 Months

OPTION 2: Economy Directory Listing

* One category
* One photo

The Economy Listing is the same as a Standard Listing, but without the extras.

Monthly by Automatic Paypal Subscription
£1.67 per month

Single Payment by Card or Paypal
£20.00 for 12 Months
£12.50 for 6 Months

  • Heading: This should be your name or company heading (max 75 characters).

  • Listing Text: This is a full description of the services that you offer. It is your responsibility to ensure that your listings accurately describes your business or service that you provide. You may find it easier to write this out before, check the wording & spelling, then copy & paste in into the form.

  • Address: If you prefer not to show your full address, just enter town & county.

  • Phone Numbers: You can enter two numbers here if you wish.

  • Website: If you have a website, enter the URL here. If you don't have a website, leave this field blank.

  • Facebook Page: If you have a Facebook Business page, enter the URL here. Leave this field blank if you don't have a page. Please note that personal profiles are not the same & will not be used.

  • Categories: Select up to four suitable categories for a standard listing or one for economy listing.
    Categories must be relevant or they will not be used. Categories may be exchanged if others are more suitable.

  • Photos: You can use up to twelve photos including the main image on a standard listing, (one for economy listing).
    The main image or logo can be uploaded with the listing details or after submitting your listing. Photos can be submitted by Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Dropbox, post or Facebook message. Please ensure you have permission to use the photos & include any specific instruction & state which you would like as the main image.

  • Payments: Payment can be made online by card, Paypal or by monthly subscription.
    If you prefer to pay by phone, cheque or BACS please Click Here for details

Your listing will normally be activated within 24 hours of receiving the details & payment.
All new or renewed listings will be featured under What's New, Newsletter, Facebook & Twitter.

We reserve the right to refuse our business services to any business that we consider inappropriate, in competition or offer a duplication of any of the services that we offer.

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