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0 NFED Emails Update

Since the server change, I’ve been monitoring Emails sent through the NFED & all seems to be working very well. The only ISP now having issues is NTL which has been Virgin media since 2005. I doubt if the NTL servers will be updating very often if at all, so if you have an ntlworld email address, it’s probably time to change it!

Monitoring the sent Emails has highlighted the number of misspelt addresses. If you have an advert, you can log in & check it. If you have sent enquiries, the advertiser will not be able to get back to you. Please type carefully & always double check or it won't work. 

Finally, there are quite a lot of adverts not being approved. Please read the guidelines & pricing & remember that Free ads must be clearly priced to qualify. NO PRICE = NO FREE AD.

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