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0 Server Upgrade Completed

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The entire NFED has now moved to the new server. The domain name is the same, but the IP address has changed. This may cause some issues with old pages held in your device history or if your service provider is slow in updating caches.

If you have any problems, please first refresh the page & clear your history. If you are still having problems, please get in touch.

The new server is running the latest OS, has more memory & faster processor, but some site software had to be changed to match the new software.

  • Classifieds – No changes required
  • Services Directory – Replaced with the latest version but links & references preserved
  • Event Diary – Updated by the software company to maintain our custom updates.
  • FAQs - Replaced with the latest version.
  • News pages - No changes required
  • Site News - Replaced with a new blog.
  • Phonebook – incompatible & removed.

Events are starting to come in again so the timing couldn’t have been better & it’s a great relief to have it all finished.


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