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0 NFED into 2022 & BEYOND

The NFED has now entered its 24th year, so time for an update.

This time last year I was wondering whether to continue, there were just so many things to update, the server was reaching end of life & I was seriously considering closing it down.

I finally decided to knuckle down, rebuild the entire site on a brand-new server & I’m glad I did. We start this year with a slimmed down site, up to date & faster. It is far easier & more efficient to run, which means we can keep it going with no change to prices despite our increased running costs.

The Help & FAQs have been updated & now cover virtually all the queries we receive, which has allowed us to remove the admin phone numbers. We are still happy to answer queries received by Email, WhatsApp or messenger, but this lets us escape the office for a few hours.

Email delivery is greatly improved. DKIM, SPF & PTR is configured to keep Emails out of the spam folder.

The site map is now uploaded daily to Google & Bing, which greatly helps to improve search ranking for the site, all adverts, business listings & events.

The weekly Newsletter continues to be very popular, with many thousands of subscribers & our latest Facebook page is gaining momentum after previously be removed twice by Facebook.

Proxycheck has been added to help in the fight against scammers. This effectively blocks non-UK counties, VPNs & proxy servers from accessing parts of the NFED. It has been a huge success & certainly the most successful thing that we have found so far, well worth the additional running cost.

We remain a very small business, but with a very wide reach. The site regularly receives over 500,000 hits per day.

So, it all looks good for the future. All we ask from you is to keep using the NFED & continue spreading the word & we will do our best to keep this unique service going.

If you have an equestrian business, please consider a listing in the directory. Prices start at only £1.50 per month for an economy listing or £3.00 per month for a standard listing.

If you are organising an equestrian event, please put it in the diary regardless of which other systems you are using for entries.

Thank You for your continued support & Happy New Year to You All.

Steve & Claire

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