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0 Classifieds Photo Upload Software Updated

The classifieds upload software has been updated to the latest version. It works & looks exactly the same, but may help to remove a few bugs.

We are still getting occasional issues with HEIC format photos from just a few iPhones being uploaded, but not resized or shown in the browser. HEIC is incompatible with webservers, but the phone should convert images to the widely used jpg format before uploading, unless the settings are changed on the phone.

On an iPhone or iPad:

1: Go to Settings > Photos.
2: Scroll down to the Transfer to Mac or PC section.
3: Select Automatic.

Photos should then upload as compatible jpg's without having to edit your original images. The majority of photos from iPhones are uploaded without any issues, so must still be on the default "Automatic" setting. These instructions have been added to the FAQS.

If any of these failed photos are seen, they will be manually resized & replaced, but it would be much better for all to resolve this issue before uploading.

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