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0 Important Changes to Event Diary for Commercial Venues

Due to increased overheads, we can no longer afford to cover the costs of events submitted by commercial venues. From the 11th March 24, events submitted by commercial venues will only be accepted if the venue has a current Standard Listing in the NFED Services Directory. Commercial venues include: equestrian centres, livery yards, cross country courses, etc, that hold or host equestrian events as part of their business.

Events submitted by clubs and individuals are unchanged.

The cost of a Standard Listing in the NFED Services Directory is only £40 per year or £3 per month (£36 per year) by PayPal subscription. The listing will support the NFED, helping us to provide this popular service.

Standard Listings can go in up to 4 categories, have a logo or main image and a further 20 photos in the gallery. Just send in the details and all the work is done for you, it couldn't be easier! 

When the listing is set up, all events held at the venue can be submitted free of charge.

The listing will be linked from events held at the venue, providing a better experience for our users and advertising for the venue. Listings paid monthly by PayPal subscription will be shared on our social media pages each time the payment is received.

This will apply to all types of events submitted by the venue including shows, competitions and clinics. Links will now be permitted in the event details for those with a listing. This will help those venues that wish to send users to their own websites for times, entries or further information. 

The event submissions form, Guidelines, Help and FAQs have been updated.

If you would like to submit a Directory Listing, please Click Here


Why are these changes necessary?

The NFED was intended as a complete resource with the directory and event calendar interlinked. This provides a complete experience for our users whilst financing the events section and was working well.

Unfortunately, over recent years: equine flu, strangles, covid and rocketing energy prices resulted in many venues cancelling events and not renewing the directory listings. During this time, we have kept the NFED ticking over and covered all expenses ourselves, but this can’t continue.

Things have now returned to near normal and events are running again. Many commercial venues have started sending in lists of events, which is great news, but haven’t renewed their directory listings.

Putting these events in the diary is very time consuming and does cost us money. We have been politely asking for help, but this hasn’t happened so the time has come to make these changes.

The event diary is a popular resource and one of the few places where all events can be seen regardless of which online entry system is used.

Hopefully, with just a little help, we can keep it going!

NFED Admin


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