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NFED Blog & Technical Updates

  • 0 Use the NFED as a phone or tablet app

    The NFED is a website, not an app. This allows it to be viewed on any type of device in any browser & there is no need to download or install anything. Adding a shortcut to your tablet or phone home screen does make it instantly accessible & is very simple to do. 1: Open in your browser. 2: Scroll to the bottom & click on the Share icon. 3: Select Add to Home Screen. 4: Click Add.   The NFED Logo should appear on your home screen like an app. Just tap on the logo to open the NFED.   The above instructions are for Apple devices using the Safari browser. For Android or other devices see:   Please & tell or show it off to your friends.

  • 0 NFED Emails Update

    Since the server change, I’ve been monitoring Emails sent through the NFED & all seems to be working very well. The only ISP now having issues is NTL which has been Virgin media since 2005. I doubt if the NTL servers will be updating very often if at all, so if you have an ntlworld email address, it’s probably time to change it! Monitoring the sent Emails has highlighted the number of misspelt addresses. If you have an advert, you can log in & check it. If you have sent enquiries, the advertiser will not be able to get back to you. Please type carefully & always double check or it won't work.  Finally, there are quite a lot of adverts not being approved. Please read the guidelines & pricing & remember that Free ads must be clearly priced to qualify. NO PRICE = NO FREE AD.

  • 0 BT Internet Email Issue Resolved

    UPDATE 30-03-21 - BT Internet now seem to be accepting Emails ok. If you have an NFED advert with a BT Email address & think you have missed enquiries, please contact us by Email & the back-ups can be forwarded on to you. Please remember to check your adverts by sending an enquiry to yourself. If you don’t receive it, please see - Advert Enquiries & Email Problems for further help. If you have sent an enquiry & not received a reply, please try sending again or text/phone if the advert has a phone number. 

  • 0 Server Upgrade Completed

    The entire NFED has now moved to the new server. The domain name is the same, but the IP address has changed. This may cause some issues with old pages held in your device history or if your service provider is slow in updating caches. If you have any problems, please first refresh the page & clear your history. If you are still having problems, please get in touch. The new server is running the latest OS, has more memory & faster processor, but some site software had to be changed to match the new software. Classifieds – No changes required Services Directory – Replaced with the latest version but links & references preserved Event Diary – Updated by the software company to maintain our custom updates. FAQs - Replaced with the latest version. News pages - No changes required Site News - Replaced with a new blog. Phonebook – incompatible & removed. Events are starting to come in again so the timing couldn’t have been better & it’s a great relief to have it all finished.  

  • 0 Server Upgrade

    A very successful few days with the server change & the site is now running on the new server.Classifieds working. Services Directory upgraded & working. News Pages working. Help pages upgraded & working. Event Diary upgraded & working. Forms upgraded & working  The site news page has been replaced with this new Blog. We now have a faster, more powerful server. All software is running on the latest versions so should be good for a few more years yet. There are still some links to update & minor styling issues, but that can all be completed over the next few days.

  • 0 Admin Introduction

    Hi all I’ve just had a manic few weeks preparing to move the entire NFED onto a new server. This wasn't something I had intended to do, but it had to be done if we wanted to keep the site going into the future. A big part of the work was updating the software so that it would actually run on the new server, the old news page wasn’t going to work so has been replaced with this blog. As a blog, it can have categories, so I’ve added this “Behind the Scenes” for anyone that’s interested. I may post a few photos of what we are up to down here in the New Forest. So to start, here’s a photo of me & my boy Star so that you know who you are dealing with. A couple of old boys together. 

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