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Astro Turf
Agricultural & Machinery
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Emma Piggin
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Heavy duty reclaimed astro turf. Each roll is approx 10m long and 2m wide and weighs about 750kg. Now is a good time to lay it ready for winter. It has many uses on the farm and around the yard. It makes for good walkways and tracks. Inside and around field shelters to prevent mud. Under hay feeders to create a dry eating area and lessen hay wastage as dropped hay can still be eaten instead of trod into the mud. The astro turf allows water to drain through while providing a strong grippy surface that suppresses all weed growth. When laid on top of hard material it can also be used to make dry turnout areas for the winter. £50 for one roll, you will need a suitable trailer to collect it and a fork lift to unload when you get home.

Photos annotated June 2019 and January 2021 are of the same field, astro laid straight down on the grass with nothing underneath, laid in summer on hard ground. First photo looks up the hill and later photo is the same track looking down the hill a year and a half later, itís lasted amazingly well and hasnít moved an inch, best of all it allowed my two wheel drive tractor to get up the field to take hay to horses, which normally it would have sunk in the wet ground and got stuck.

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