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03-03-2018, 06:48

Cancelled Events

As you can imagine, events are going to be all over the place this weekend. If the event organiser contacts us, the event will be updated & put out under “What’s New”, Facebook & Twitter.

Due to the amount of false information out there, events will not be updated unless we are instructed directly. The NFED office is open all weekend, so please get in touch.

Facebook has changed, so if you are not receiving updates, please make sure that you are following the NFED page.

If there is any doubt, please contact the event organisers to confirm.

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21-02-2018, 07:41

Minor Mods to Classifieds

1: Clearer screen & message when an advert is still awaiting approval.
2: Renew & Delete buttons added to the approved advert modified screen.
Adverts can now be renewed or deleted after modifications without having to return to the control panel. The advert number is entered automatically to remove errors.
3: Shopping cart now opens in a new secure window to remove security warnings.

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30-01-2018, 07:33

Multiple items in one advert *Updated FAQ*

Please see:

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19-01-2018, 13:07

Facebook Changes

You may have seen in the news, that Facebook are making some major changes which will dramatically affect what people see in their news feed.

Over the next few weeks, Facebook’s algorithms will be altered to show more posts from friends, rather than news articles or marketing content.

If you would like to continue seeing NFED posts in your News Feed, it is important to first Like & Follow the NFED Facebook page, then select “Show first” under the follow tab.

If you get too many updates, you can turn this option off again at any time. The important thing is to know that you do still have some control.

Facebook have admitted that this will reduce the time that people spend on Facebook & it will affect everyone that uses Facebook for news or to advertise.

The NFED does have a popular Facebook page, but it is an extra, most users still go directly to the main NFED website.
We also have the weekly newsletter, Twitter & Google+ pages all of which are unaffected. A daily catch up video is now being created which will include all NFED posts from the previous day.

If would like to know more about using the NFED to advertise your business or services, please see or don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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04-12-2017, 16:04

*NEW* Monthly PayPal Subscription Option for Directory Payments

From today you can now opt to pay for Services Directory listings with a Paypal subscription. The payment will be made automatically each month, so there is no need to renew or worry about when the listing is due.

The cost per month is: £3.34 Standard listing or £1.67 Economy Listing

This is now available to all new listings & renewals. If your listing has expired, you can reactivate it by subscribing now.

Note: This is an extra option, you can still choose to pay in full by card, Paypal, Cheque or BACs if you prefer.

For further details on how to use the NFED for your business, please see & don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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08-10-2017, 14:27

The End of the Schedule Pages

Schedule links & download counters are now included with the event details, so the schedules pages have now been removed.

For anyone that liked to scroll through the schedules page, type schedule into the search on the diary & it will list all events with a schedule in date order, which is the same as the old schedules page.

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17-09-2017, 15:29

One Click Schedules & Entry Form downloads

All schedules, flyers, sponsorship & entry forms are now linked directly from the event details in the diary. There is no longer any need to go to the schedules page & find the correct event.

The schedules pages will remain in place, so you can still browse through the schedules. The download counters are only available on the schedule pages, but they will count all downloads.

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10-09-2017, 07:41

Contacting NFED Admin by Email.

Please send a new Email & include a relevant subject line, unless it is an ongoing conversation. Replies to old Emails for a different subject may well get missed.

Due to the large number of Emails received every day, we rely on filters to keep on top of them. If there is no subject line, the Email will probably be rejected by the spam filter. Please include any relevant details, advert number, event dates & title, etc.

A typical example from yesterday. Email received with the subject.
Re: Your enquiry was sent to NFED Classifieds Ad ref: ??????
The Email was actually asking to urgently cancel a show the following day. This was only noticed by luck. A new Email with subject: Urgent Show Cancellation would not be missed & we will confirm receipt.

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04-09-2017, 08:14

SMS Reminders for Directory Renewals

If we have a mobile number with a directory listing, a text will now be sent as well as an Email when the renew is due.

Many advertisers are using multiple Email addresses, failing to check their Email regularly or forgetting to say when their Email address has changed. The listing then expires along with any commercial events. When they do realise, the listing has to be reactivated along with the events.
Hopefully the SMS will save this extra work & loss of advertising time. If you have a listing, please let us know if you would prefer SMS & send your name & current mobile number to 07826 857124

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18-07-2017, 06:58

Classifieds Submission Form now under SSL

There were a couple of advertisers last week having problems submitting a new advert, this turned out to be their browser setting not allowing forms unless they were under SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Although SSL is mandatory for important information & payments, it has never been necessary for standard form submissions. As this now seems to becoming a standard requirement, the Classifieds Submission Form has been upgraded & SSL installed.

This has caused a few minor knock-on issues, such as some problems with the contact form & viewing modified ads, but these have now been resolved. Again, it only affected a few & depended entirely on the type of browser being used & the settings.

If you do find any other problems, please contact us so that we can look into them & keep everything running smoothly.

Other submission forms will be upgraded as time allows.

Payment pages have always been run with the highest level of security, so no changes are required.

The answers to most questions can be found in the Help & FAQs if not please post the question here or feel free to Contact Us
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