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‘The best bunch of horses we’ve ever had’: go behind the scenes at Carl and Charlotte’s yard

Ever wondered what life is like on the yard of Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, Britain’s king and queen of dressage? We visit their Gloucestershire base to find out what a typical day looks like

Don’t miss our dressage special of Horse & Hound magazine, with our exclusive interview with Carl and Charlotte, out tomorrow (22 March 2018)

carl hester yard
Find out what daily life is like on the yard of dressage supremos Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin.
Posted: 21/03/2018
Life-long hunt supporter to celebrate 80th birthday following hounds
Benjamin Walden, who has ridden all his life, plans to celebrate his 80th birthday on the hunting field aboard his horse ‘Choccy’
Posted: 21/03/2018
From four-star to schoolmaster: Olympic eventer enjoys new career
Andrew Hoy on Rutherglen warm-up for dressage at Burghley in 2015
‘I was overwhelmed to see how much he enjoyed himself and how considerate and supportive he was towards his new pilot’
Posted: 21/03/2018
The Myler combination bit: how does it work and is it right for your horse?
Louise Harwood and Balladeer Miller Man at Oasby 2018
Find out all you need to know about the Myler combination bit — from how it works to what sort of horse it best suits
Posted: 21/03/2018
Broken bit? No problem! Rider wins after tack malfunction
BSPS Area 5 Kinder Scout and Jill Wormall (CHAPS NON NATIVE WINNER)
A broken bit wasn't going to deter this rider, who went on to produce a winning performance with the remains of the bit on her horse's chest
Posted: 21/03/2018
Britain's senior and youth riders impress at Keysoe

The first international of the year on home turf took place last week at Keysoe CDI3*/CDIYJP in Bedfordshire (16 – 18 March 2018). The popular CDI typically attracts a host of talented Brits in the early stages of their annual campaigns, and this year was no exception.

Gareth Hughes dominated in the Equine Construction-sponsored Big Tour classes with Classic Briolinca (Trento B x Royal Dance), a mare who has recently returned to the arena following a break from competition. British team rider Gareth (46) and 12-year-old Briolinca (pictured) who is owned by Gareth’s wife Rebecca, won the Grand Prix with 71.935%, ahead of rising Grand Prix star Sonnar Murray-Brown with his exciting prospect Erlentanz (68.891%).

Gareth was clearly very happy with his ride on the awesome bay; “She was super-hot and excited to be out with some little tense moments but [this was] balanced out by her wonderful highlights. It’s been a long journey back after the disappointment of a couple years of health setbacks, so we are all now very excited about this season ahead!” he said via Hughes Dressage Facebook.

Saturday night the Grand Prix Freestyle took centre stage. Gareth and Briolinca rode to their Tom Hunt compiled freestyle, the funky soundtrack matching the expressive horse completely. They were awarded a percentage score of 75.590 to take the lead from the debut combination of British Olympian Fiona Bigwood (41) with new ride Kjaerholm’s Abutsiaq (Michellino x Limelight), a recently acquired 14-year-old.

In the Small Tour divisions which were kindly sponsored by Spillers, Nathalie Kayal and Homerun had the time of their lives, taking the Prix St Georges, the Inter I and the Inter I Freestyle, the latter by a whopping four percent margin with plus-76% and the highest score of the show.

Nathalie took to Facebook to say; “Well he is my champion for sure. [I] could not have asked more of Homerun today I thought he might be tired but instead he came down that centre line, and for the first time he felt relaxed in the ring! In fact more than just relaxed, it was if he winked at me and said "after two national anthems played for me I think I've got this, just sit there and look pretty mum" wow what a ride he gave me to score 76+% today in the Inter I freestyle at Keysoe international. I'm beyond privileged to have this horse in my life!”

In the Clip My Horse.TV Young Rider classes, 19-year-old Charlotte Dicker and Sabatini, her twice Junior European Championship partner, enjoyed a show to remember. The pair cemented their step up to Young Riders with victory in both the Young Rider Team and Young Rider Individual, scoring 71.569% and 68.431%. In the Freestyle it was Lewis Carrier (21) who had the edge with his gelding Diego V. The pair who are flourishing as part of the Eilberg team, enjoyed success last month at Le Mans CDI in France.

Maddy Whelan (15) contested both the Pony and Junior divisions. Remarkably for someone so young, she achieved a one-two in both the Owens Horseboxes-sponsored Junior classes – the Junior Team and Junior Individual. In the Junior Team, she took the honours with Sandy Phillips’ Diamond Hit-sired stallion, Diamond Design (pictured right) scoring 70.909%, ahead of her other ride, Peta Claridge’s Monsieur Pomerol.

In the Junior Individual, the tables were turned and it was Monsieur Pomerol with whom Maddy’s already achieved good international results, who had had the edge. The 17-year-old by Riccione was awarded 70.441%.

Sixteen-year-old Holly Cristofoli who was fifth in the Junior Team and fourth in the Individual raised her game to take the advantage in the Junior Freestyle. Partnered by Watch Me V, her 15-year-old son of Flemmingh she posted the winning score of 72.833% - a very impressive achievement for an international debut.

The British domination continued in the Childéric Saddles Pony divisions. Olivia Wrennall and her 10-year-old mare Donna Schuflo (Don Schufro x Florett As), who’s known as Flo, claimed Friday’s Pony Team Test with 72.095%. Sophie Taylor and the 2017 Shearwater Young Pony six-year-old Champion, George Clooney BS were the stars of the Individual Test heading the leaderboard with 70.856%; whilst Team and Individual runners-up Isobel Lickley with the British team gold medal mare Valido’s Sunshine hit their stride to win the Freestyle with an outstanding 75.167%.

Top five results of British riders:

CDI3* - Equine Construction Grand Prix
1st Gareth Hughes with Classic Briolinca, 71.935% (GBR)
2nd Sonnar Murray-Browns with Erlentanz, 68.891% (GBR)
3rd Fiona Bigwood with Kjaerholm’s Abutsiaq, 68.652% (GBR)
5th Emma Hindle with Romy Del Sol, 68.500% (GBR)

CDI3* - Equine Construction Grand Prix Freestyle
1st Gareth Hughes with Classic Briolinca, 75.590% (GBR)
2nd Fiona Bigwood with Kjaerholm’s Abutsiaq, 72.835% (GBR)
4th Emma Hindle with Romy Del Sol, 71.155% (GBR)
5th Sonnar Murray-Brown with Erlentanz, 70.480% (GBR)

CDI3* - Grand Prix Consolation
1st Michael Eilberg with Fuerst Sinclair, 64.478% (GBR)
4th Kirsty Mepham with Minain, 61.565% (GBR)

CDI3* - Spillers Prix St Georges
1st Nathalie Kayal with Homerun, 68.441% (GBR)
2nd Michael Eilberg with Daltrey, 68.235% (GBR)
4th Claire Abel with Rowan Magic, 67.676% (GBR)
5th Kate Smith with De La Veiga, 67.647% (GBR)

CDI3* - Spillers Intermediate I
1st Nathalie Kayal with Homerun, 70.588% (GBR)
2nd Tahley Reeve-Smith with Special, 68.735% (GBR)
=3rd Nicola Buchanan with Half Moon Dark Magic, 68.500% (GBR)
=3rd Vicky Thompson-Winfield with Salome Di Fontabeti, 68.500% (GBR)
5th Michael Eilberg with Daltrey, 68.441% (GBR)

CDI3* - Spillers Intermediate I Freestyle
1st Nathalie Kayal with Homerun, 76.300% (GBR)
2nd Nicola Buchanan with Half Moon Dark Magic, 72.100% (GBR)
3rd Gemma Maddocks with El Paso Van Overis, 71.825% (GBR)
4th Tahley Reeve-Smith with Special, 70.950% (GBR)
5th John Chubb with Wringler, 69.675% (GBR)

CDIY – Clip My Horse.TV Young Rider Team Test
1st Charlotte Dicker with Sabatini, 71.569% (GBR)
2nd Lewis Carrier with Diego V, 69.804% (GBR)
3rd Rebecca Bell with Nibeley Union Hit, 69.167% (GBR)
4th Ruth Hole with Rob Roy, 69.069% (GBR)
5th Lucy Jane Amy with Extra Time, 68.725% (GBR)

CDIY – Clip My Horse.TV Young Rider Individual
1st Charlotte Dicker with Sabatini, 68.431% (GBR)
2nd Anna Jesty with Aquiro, 68.039% (GBR)
3rd Dylan Deutrom with El Zorro, 67.402% (GBR)
4th Lewis Carrier with Diego V, 67.206% (GBR)
5th Lucy Jane Amy with Extra Time, 66.814% (GBR)

CDIY – Clip My Horse.TV Young Rider Freestyle
1st Lewis Carrier with Diego V, 73.542% (GBR)
2nd Charlotte Dicker with Sabatini, 70.667% (GBR)
3rd Lucy Jane Amy with Extra Time, 69.742% (GBR)
4th Rebecca Bell with Nibeley Union Hit, 69.625% (GBR)
5th Isobel Berrington with Bing, 68.158% (GBR)

CDIJ – Owens Horseboxes Junior Team Test
1st Maddy Whelan with Diamond Design, 70.909% (GBR)
2nd Maddy Whelan with Monsieur Pomerol, 70.152% (GBR)
3rd Lara Kuropatwa with For Season, 68.889% (GBR)
4th Clare Hole with Pro-Motion, 67.374% (GBR)
5th Holly Cristofoli with Watch Me V, 67.020% (GBR)

CDIJ - Owens Horseboxes Junior Individual Test
1st Maddy Whelan with Monsieur Pomerol, 70.441% (GBR)
2nd Maddy Whelan with Diamond Design, 69.020% (GBR)
3rd Lara Kuropatwa with For Season, 67.696% (GBR)
4th Holly Cristofoli with Watch Me V, 67.206% (GBR)
5th Clare Hole with Pro-Motion, 66.422% (GBR)

CDIJ – Owens Horseboxes Junior Freestyle
1st Holly Cristofoli with Watch Me V, 72.833% (GBR)
2nd Clare Hole with Pro-Motion, 72.375% (GBR)
3rd Amelia Moncrieff with Billionaire, 70.125% (GBR)
4th Lara Kuropatwa with For Season, 69.458% (GBR)
5th Jessica Sanderson with Wanour S, 68.458% (GBR)

CDIP – Childéric Saddles Pony Team Test
1st Olivia Wrennall with Donna Schuflo, 72.095% (GBR)
2nd Isobel Lickley with Valido’s Sunshine, 71.238% (GBR)
3rd Sophie Taylor with George Clooney BS, 69.571% (GBR)
4th Maddy Whelan with Beaurepaire Frodo, 68.762% (GBR)

CDIP – Childéric Saddles Pony Individual Test
1st Sophie Taylor with George Clooney BS, 70.856% (GBR)
2nd Isobel Lickley with Valido’s Sunshine, 70.180% (GBR)
3rd Olivia Wrennall with Donna Schuflo, 69.099% (GBR)
5th Emily Archer with Top Star, 66.441% (GBR)

CDIP – Childéric Saddles Pony Freestyle
1st Isobel Lickley with Valido’s Sunshine, 75.167% (GBR)
2nd Sophie Taylor with George Clooney BS, 74.233% (GBR)
3rd Olivia Wrennall with Donna Schuflo, 71.633% (GBR)
5th Emily Archer with Top Star, 70.408% (GBR)

For full results click here.
Photo c Kevin Sparrow.

Posted: 21/03/2018
Pony Mad Mum’s blog: buying a pony? You need to read this first…
Julie outlines the best and worst behaviours a person buying a pony can display
Posted: 21/03/2018
How do I control rats and mice on my stable yard? H&H’s expert advice
best rat poison
CNXK8W black rat, roof rat, house rat, ship rat (Rattus rattus), in a stable with straw, Germany
We ask pest control expert Michael Flatters for his top tips on controlling vermin on a stable yard
Posted: 21/03/2018
Racehorse sanctuary risks closure as it struggles to meet crippling £250k running costs
Graham Oldfield and Sue Collins started rehabilitating horses off the track 27 years ago
Posted: 21/03/2018
Count down to the 2018 Calver Wealth Management 2* League

British Eventing is delighted to continue their partnership into 2018 with Calver Wealth Management in their title sponsorship of the 2* League.

Posted: 20/03/2018
Exclusive BE Supporter experience at Belton International Horse Trials!

This year British Eventing will host extra benefits for BE Supporter members at Belton International Horse Trials on Friday 13th April, with exclusive access to a BE Member’s marquee, guided course walk with an international rider and talk from the World Class Eventing Performance Manager.

Posted: 20/03/2018
Live Streaming from the Spring Showjumping Championships

Posted: 20/03/2018
Farewell to iconic Badminton winner: remembering his fabulous victory in pictures

On Saturday night, the 2011 Badminton winner NZB Land Vision was put down. His victory was one of the great Badminton stories of our time, the triumph of an extraordinarily talented young horse, piloted by the greatest rider eventing has ever known. We look back at Mark Todd and NZB Land Vision’s Badminton story.

“I always felt this competition this year was mine,” he says. “Winning is incredibly special, right up there with back-to-back gold medals. It comes down to horse power and I reckon I’ve got one of the best in the world.”
H&H delves into the archives to recreate the week when NZB Land Vision, who was put down last weekend, won Badminton under Mark Todd
Posted: 20/03/2018
Rising star beats Olympic legend to win first grand prix
Pic courtesy of Sportfot
The talented young rider credits his trainer Eric Lamaze for his success
Posted: 20/03/2018
Paris is the field of dreams for Aussie duo as Longines Final beckons

by Louise Parkes


Posted: 20/03/2018
Ideal Saddles Combined Training Championships

The beast from the east returned this weekend but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the competitors attending the Ideal Saddle Company Combined Training Championships (17 March 2018).

Hosted at Field House EC, Staffordshire, the popular multi-discipline competition was a roaring success. The day started with the Prelim classes combined with 70cm and 80cm jumping and it didn’t take long for the competition to heat up, despite the snow and arctic temperatures.

The eventual winner of the Prelim 2 and 70cm Championship was Emma Brewer with her own eye-catching bay Honduras (by Castiglione). The duo aced their test in front of judge Liz Hadfield to score 75.17% ahead of the showjumping element. A great round and only one pole down meant that Emma and her Polish bred warmblood stayed just in front of runner up Olivia Walker with Equitrek Atom – only one mark split the pair.

It was youth to reign supreme in the Prelim 18 and 80cm as 13-year-old Holly Clarke (pictured) took the title aboard the lovely chestnut Gingerbread IV. Holly rode a fine test to score 76.15%, this was not only the highest score in the class but also the highest mark recorded across the entire Championships. A fine trip around the 80cm course resulting in no penalties left Holly and Gingerbread five points ahead of her rivals. Holly, who splits her time between dressage and eventing, will be one to watch at the NAF Five Star Winter Championships next month where she has qualified for no less than four classes. Completing the podium in the Prelim and 80cm class was Olivia Walker with her other ride QEG Lux and Gracie Catling who took third place with Dalyhill Rocker.

The Novice 24 and 90cm competition saw Teri England take the spoils with her eight-year-old Oldenburg gelding Coady Bay Logic. Terri rode four tests throughout the day and seemed to end up with the worst of the weather on each trip down the centre line. Battling the blizzards proved worthwhile as a super 73.26% test and a clear round was more than enough to emerge victorious. Bred by the Coady Bay Stud, Coady Bay Logic is by the Landgraf I son Landstreicher. Olivia Walker continued to show her consistency to place third with QEG Lux whilst Holly Clarke just missed a double victory, this time finishing as reserve champion with her diminutive Welsh pony Newoak Truffle.

The final class of the day proved highly competitive as seven combinations topped the 70% mark in the Novice 34 and 100cm Championship. Worcester-based rider Holly Bradshaw topped the podium with the 16.3hh gelding Archfield Echo; the pair topped the leaderboard in the dressage after scoring 72.62% before going on to jump an immaculate round in the Field House indoor. 29-year-old Holly has an equally as impressive record at British Dressage and British Eventing competitions having competed successfully at Regional and Winter Championships as well as CCI*, CCI** and CIC** competitions.

Congratulations to all competitors who travelled to Field House and braved the elements, as well as the organisers and stewards who also gave their time to make the show a huge success. British Dressage thanks Championship sponsor Ideal Saddles for their generous support of this super series.


Prelim 2 and 70cm
1st – Emma Brewer and Honduras, 214.0
2nd – Olivia Walker with Equitrek Atom, 213.0
3rd – Martha Jobling Purser, 208.0

Prelim 18 and 80cm
1st – Holly Clarke with Gingerbread IV, 198.0
2nd – Olivia Walker with QEG Lux, 193.0
3rd – Gracie Catling with Dalyhill Rocker, 190.0

Novice 24 and 90cm
1st – Teri England with Coady Bay Logic, 168.5
2nd – Holly Clarke with Newoak Truffle, 165.5 (44)
3rd – Olivia Walker with QEQ Lux, 165.5 (43)

Novice 34 and 100cm
1st – Holly Bradshaw with Archfield Echo, 152.5
2nd – Daniel Titterton with Vision B, 151.0
3rd – Amelia King with Regal Mix, 150.0

For full results click here

Pictured below: Emma Brewer with Honduras


Posted: 20/03/2018
Job Vacancy: BE Risk Management Coordinator (Maternity Cover)

British Eventing currently has a vacancy for a Risk Management Coordinator (Maternity Cover). The role is based at the BE Head Office in Kenilworth and is part time (21 hours per week) for approximately 12 months maternity cover.

Posted: 19/03/2018
Annabel Shields dominates The Champagne Cave Winter Grades B & C Qualifier at Morris Equestrian Centre

Posted: 19/03/2018
Annabel Shields lands a SEIB Winter Novice Qualifier win at Morris Equestrian Centre

Posted: 19/03/2018
Vanderveen Punches Ticket to Paris With First Longines Victory in Ocala

By Catie Staszak

Kristen Vanderveen (USA) was a winner on all fronts at the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Ocala (USA). Not only did she claim her first Longines victory with an uncatchable jump-off aboard Bull Run’s Faustino de Tili, but she also gained the points necessary to qualify for the Longines FEI World Cup™ Jumping Final in Paris (FRA) in three weeks time.  

Posted: 19/03/2018
World's best for Badminton

Entries have just closed for the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 2018 and we are in for another thrilling event in May. Last year’s winner Andrew Nicholson (New Zealand) with the evergreen Nereo will again take on double Olympic Champion Michael Jung (Germany) and La Biosthetique – Sam FBW, 2nd twice and winners themselves in 2016.

Posted: 18/03/2018
Sir William Aldous (1936 - 2018)

Sir William Aldous



Posted: 18/03/2018
FEI Belton International Horse Trials – bigger and better than ever

This year's FEI Belton International Horse Trials takes place from 13th - 15th April and, as always, many of the biggest names in the sport have thrown their caps in to the ring. Over 160 'Three Star' horses have entered, a significant increase on last year. With Belton International the second of four legs for the Tri-Star Eventing Grand Slam £50,000 'winner takes all' there is much to play for.

2017 Lycetts Grantham Cup winner Izzy Taylor has four horses entered, her best shot at retaining the title probably coming from Perfect Stranger who has not only won at this level before but last season posted four wins and three third places from seven completions. Stats don't get much better than that.

However Piggy French has a friendly score to settle; but for finishing one second over the showjumping optimum time last year, she would have won the Lycetts Grantham Cup with Quarrycrest Echo. This partnership returns to try and make amends – whilst Piggy also has her Burghley 2017 runner up Vanir Kamira entered.

Last summer's British European Championship team reserve Alexander Bragg, who will already have walked the course with supporters of official charity Bransby Horses on the Friday, has three rides including Zagreb, a horse which last year won him the Polly Phillips Memorial Trophy for the highest placed British Rider who has yet to compete on a senior championship team. Undoubtedly an up coming talent, Alex is very much one to watch.

Other entries read like a Who's Who of the sport: William Fox-Pitt, Pippa Funnell, Mary King, Andrew Nicholson and Sir Mark Todd to name just a few. They will be joined by upcoming talents, including local girl and member of last summer's gold medal winning British team, Ros Canter.

Advance purchase ticket discounts cease at midnight on Sunday, 18th March. From Monday tickets will start at £5 for a child (5-14) and £12 per adult (22+).

With riders representing 18 nations, Event Director Stuart Buntine says of this year's field: “It's always rewarding to have such strong support from riders across the levels, both amateur and professional. We intend to put on another great event for everyone; riders, owners, supporters and spectators.”

British Eventing will this year be hosting an exclusive marquee for Supporter Members on Friday 13th April at Belton International Horse Trials. Supporter Members, and all other other BE members, will be welcome to use the facility all day and enjoy a talk from Performance Manager Dickie Waygood and benefit from a guided course walk of the CIC3* course with top rider Piggy French. Access will be free and details on how to purchase the appropriate entry ticket will be released soon.

For more information on any aspect of this year's Horse Trials, and to book advance tickets, visit

Posted: 18/03/2018
Spring Championships - Entries remaining open for all Direct Qualifiers & Finals

Posted: 18/03/2018
Amy Inglis wins at Saut Hermes au Grand Palais with Jake Saywell close second

Posted: 18/03/2018
Chloe Durnall becomes the NAF Shining Star for March

Posted: 18/03/2018
Big Night Out at Bolesworth International

Posted: 18/03/2018
International riders primed for Keysoe CDI

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CDI3*/CDIYJP in Bedfordshire (16 – 18 March 2018).

CDI3* - Big Tour
Henriette Andersen with her own Flavio.
Louise Bell with her own Into the Blue.
Fiona Bigwood with her own Pin Rock’s Foxfire Blitz.
Tom Goode with Samantha Ross Geddes’ Dior III.
Emma Hindle with her own Romy Del Sol.
Gareth Hughes with Rebecca Hughes’ Classic Briolinca.
Michael Eilberg with Alison Ramseir’s Fuerst Sinclair and Ferdi Eilberg’s Marakov.
Becky Moody with her own and Julie Lockey’s Carinsio.
Sonnar Murray-Brown with his own Erlentanz (pictured). 
Georgia Stokes with her own Talented Mr Ripley.
Vicky Thompson Winfield with Samantha Francis’s Mango Jacaro.

CDI3* - Small Tour
Claire Abel with her own Rowan Magic.
John Chubb with his own Wringler.
Michael Eilberg with his own and Ferdi Eilberg’s Daltrey.
Sara Gallop with Helen Gallop’s Darsey.
Charlotte Flinn with Kathryn Flinn’s Korenbloem Royal Rebel.
Jennifer Johnson-Harman with her own MFS Caliana.
Nicola Jourdain with her own and Diana Reynolds-Hale’s Half Moon Dark Magic.
Nathalie Kayal with her own Bravo.
Becky Moody with Joanne Cooper’s Eureko.
Tahley Reeve-Smith with her own Special.
Cara Shardlow with her own Detonator II.
Kate Smith with her own De La Veiga.
Vicky Thompson-Winfield with Nancy Raff’s Salome Di Fontabeti.
Amy Woodhead with Victoria Peace’s Branduardi.

CDIP – Ponies
Emily Archer with her own Top Star.
Lily Laughton with her own Ode to Shannon.
Izzy Lickley with Robert Lickley's Valido's Sunshine.
Ronni-Mae Morgan with her own BKS Brandini.
Charlotte Neal with her own Rober.
Gemma Owen with her own Der Kleine Lord.
Sophie Taylor with her own George Clooney BS.
Hermione Tottman with Nicola Tottman’s Brasil.
Maddy Whelan with her own Beaurepaire Frodo.
Olivia Whitelaw with her own Brouwershaven’s Viceroy.
Sophie Williams with Kate Williams’ Ella.
Olivia Wrennall with her own Donna Schuflo.

CDIJ – Juniors
Megan Assouline with Jane Manley’s Ramanda EG.
Holly Cristofoli with her own Watch Me V.
Clare Hole with Lynne Jackson’s Pro-Motion.
Rebecca Johnston-Harman with Jennifer Johnston-Harman’s Donnergott.
Jessica McConkey with her won Lady Gaga II.
Lara Kuropatwa with Sian Kuropatwa’s For Season.
Avery Maude with her own Double Agent.
Amelia Moncrieff with Clare Williams’ Billionaire.
Jessica Sanderson with Angela Shipley’s Wanour S.
Charlotte Snape with her own Camelot III.
Maddy Whelan with Monsieur Pomerol and Diamond Design.

CDIY – Young Riders
Lucy Jane Amy with her own Extra Time.
Amber Barton with her own Labiat.
Rebecca Bell with Caroline Bell’s Nibeley Union Hit.
Isobel Berrington with Aimee Witkin’s Bing.
Lewis Carrier with his own Diego V.
Angus Corrie-Deane with his own Tiny Tempur.
Dylan Deutrom with Tamsin Vaughan’s El Zorro.
Charlotte Dicker with her own Sabatini.
Alex Hellings with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V.
Ruth Hole with Caroline Bridge’s Rob Roy.
Anna Jesty with her own Aquiro.
Sarah Khairallah with Kate Smith’s Keystone Darling.

Start lists and results will be posted live on the Keysoe Facebook page.

Spectators are welcome at £10 per day throughout the show - tickets are available from the Keysoe office on a first come first served basis, or watch the action live via ClipMyHorse.TV.

Photo c Kevin Sparrow.

Posted: 17/03/2018
*EVENT UPDATE* Aldon International (1)

Regrettably all competition on Sunday 18th March at Aldon (1) has been abandoned. Competition on Saturday is currently going ahead but more snow is forecast


Posted: 16/03/2018
*EVENT UPDATE* Lincolnshire Horse Trials

Regrettably competition at Lincolnshire Horse Trials on Saturday 17th March was partially abandoned at approximately 2pm due to the snow.

With snow on the ground and with further snow forecast all competition on Sunday 18th March as been abandoned.

Posted: 16/03/2018
Connecting the Central Southern Equestrian Communit