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0 Email Validation Improvements

The NFED server now has the latest Email validation; DKIM, SPF & DMARC working correctly, which should help to keep Emails sent from the NFED out of the spam/junk folders.

Emails include: Classified’s advert details, classifieds enquiries, event details confirmation & directory listing confirmations.

Shopping cart & Newsletter Emails are sent from RomanCart, which as far as I can see have not implemented these validation systems, but I am chasing them up.

Replies to enquiries are sent via standard Email systems so are unaffected. If you have sent an enquiry but haven’t received a reply, please check your spam folders.

Update 26-08-21
No rejected sent Emails apart from those with incorrect Email addresses. Please check your spelling before sending!

Here’s a few rejected Emails from the server logs.

The mail server could not deliver mail to *******@icloud.con

*******@icloud.com user is over quota

*******@gmail.com The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

The mail server could not deliver mail to *******@aol.con

*******@yahoo.co.uk Requested mail action aborted, mailbox not found

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