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Rabbit Recon


Rabbit Recon was first established in 2023 to provide a professional service for less. Our prices are guaranteed to be the best with our FREE policy we often only ask for contributions to fuel. We are based in hampshire covering the South of England We are fully insured and ready to tackle any job..

Got rabbits and need them controlled?
We are a rabbit control service covering Southern England fully insured and ready to go.

Our usual method of controlling the rabbit numbers is ferreting but we also offer a range of other methods in case this isn't possible.

Rat control:
Do you have issues with rats? We can deal with your rat issues by use of night shooting using small .177 rifles to eliminate them and dispose of them off-site

Pigeons Problems:
We can take care of any feral bird living within your barns or property by use of .22 rifles we then remove birds from land and arrange a bi-monthly inspection to check numbers

Feel free to message me for more information..

Ref: 2740-719

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=719

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