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Equicare Nutrition


Equicare Nutrition provides detailed equine nutritional consultations, whether your horse is healthy, competing, or dealing with a medical, orthopaedic, or behavioural condition.
Nutrition is the foundation of health; we’re here to help you get it right!

Equicare Nutrition is a veterinary nutritional consultancy service founded by Dr Chloe Casalis de Pury MA(Cantab) VetMB MRCVS.

Chloe is an equine veterinary nutritionist and has over ten years of experience in managing complex nutritional cases, from horses with medical issues such as PPID (Equine Cushings) and Gastric Ulcers, to elite performance horses, to horses with orthopaedic or behavioural problems.
She also works with many leading professional riders, studs and training yards to ensure horses receive the correct nutrition vital for performance.

Our nutritional consultations can be carried out on your yard with our portable, horse-friendly mobile weighbridge, or remotely over phone or video call. Your horse will receive a complete nutritional analysis, report and diet plan tailored to their individual circumstances and based on up-to date nutritional research. Chloe is fully independent and is not associated with any feed or supplement manufacturer, so can provide unbiased advice based purely on nutritional data and evidence.

Chloe works throughout Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and the Home Counties as well as further afield.

She would be happy to discuss your horse's diet and requirements via phone, email or Messenger.

Ref: 2654-633

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=633


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