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EVENTERPRISE - Antibacterial wash / Rug wash / Reproofing


Rug /equipment washing available in professional machine.
Having washed my own rugs/saddlecloths we wanted to offer the service to others.

Clean Round anti-bacterial and anti-viral liquid. Suitable for indoor and outdoor rugs, fleeces, saddlecloths, boots £10/load (11kg)
NIK-WAX wash to revitalise outdoor rugs £15
NIK-WAX reproof to reproof outdoor rugs £25

If you would like two cycles eg antibacterial and then a NIK WAX treatment it is £20 for wash and £30 for reproof.

We are on strict self-isolation so you will be asked to drop rugs in plastic sacks, with name and instruction on each bag, then once washed they'll be rebagged. Will be handled with gloves. Payment by paypal or bank transfer preferred.

We can leave to air dry or take home to dry as suits.

Ref: 2596-575E

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=575

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