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AquaStride Equine Water Treadmill


Looking to maximise performance? Increase your dressage score? Increase your horses flexibility or reduce stiffness in older horses? Is your horse on box rest or needing rehabilitative exercise?

Hydrotherapy can play a key part in your horses general well-being, fitness or rehabilitation through controlled, supervised exercise. There is growing research to support the use of underwater treadmills and it can benefit all disciplines and abilities of horse and pony, from hacking horses through to elite competition horses. The treadmill provides a full body workout, improving not only general fitness but increase core strength, suppleness, joint flexion, cardiovascular output/respiration and range of movement.

Rehabilitation is under veterinary referral and tailored to the individual case.

It is key that horses enjoy the experience and are as relaxed as possible. Therefore, introducing them slowly and correctly to the process is vital and each horse is different. The first session will allow your horse to be accustomed to the movement of the treadmill belt with the gradual addition of the water. Depending on the horses level of fitness the initial sessions may be quite short, as they can tire quickly and it is important not to cause muscle fatigue. Even horses that may be apprehensive of puddles and water, take to the treadmill well as they are allowed to familiarize themselves without being rushed.

Video: https://vimeo.com/396055474

Call or email to discuss how AquaStride can benefit your horse.

Or for more details visit our website www.landfordcommonstud.co.uk

Ref: 2591-570

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=570

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