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A * Horse Transport - Horse Transport Hampshire


* DEFRA authorised, APHA certified & fully insured

* Horseboxes inspected & approved by DEFRA vehicle inspectors for long distance travel

* Members of the Legal Horse Transport Network

* We have Driver Certificates Of Professional Competence (CPC)

* Short local trips offered at excellent rates

* Long & short distance horse transport across the UK & Europe for all type of horse or pony. Eurotunnel approved.

* Individual transport in freshly washed and disinfected horseboxes offering top levels of biosecurity and personal care. No shared loads, keeping your horse infection free.

* High Spec & Brand New ‘Overlander’ horseboxes offering every comfort for the horses

* Horseboxes are made out of Ferroplast, a high strength material that does not retain heat, keeping horses cooler.

* Fans that run off battery for up to 12 hours to keep your horse cool at shows, in traffic, or on the ferry

* Travelling and handling foals and youngstock is our speciality, special arrangements undertaken

* We have a lifetime’s experience of successfully working with and transporting top level racehorses and sports horses, as well as family horses and ponies.

* 24/7 Emergency call out provided

* Based in Winchester, Hants. Call or email today for a quote,

Tel: 07733 106376 / 01962 776204

Email - sparsholthorses@yahoo.com

* Lots of reviews & testimonials on our Facebook page & website

Ref: 2527-506

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=506

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