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Anna Thomas is an Equine behaviourist and Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, who combines her deep understand of horse psychology with 20+ years experience in varies disciplines, to create a willing partnership with the horse, using non-violent training methods. She specialises in;

  • starting horses to accept first rider
  • remedial issues
  • spooking
  • aggression
  • leading issues
  • non-loaders
  • farrier issues
  • gentling wild horses
  • riding issues
  • building confidence for both horse and owner
  • english riding
  • western riding

Anna believes most issues arise from a lack of understanding and consistency, therefore spends as much time educating others through courses and demonstrations, helping them to think more like a horse, and establish a better partnership based on trust and understanding.

She teaches various courses, including Monty Roberts Horsemanship 101, Join-up, Long lining and The Monty Roberts Introductory Course (the first course required to become a certified instructor.) She is also one of a selected few who has been chosen capable of teaching The Monty Roberts Advance Course at Monty's Farm in California. In addition to teaching recognised Monty Roberts courses, she runs her own courses, combining the knowledge she has learnt from Monty and other clinicians including Buck Brannamen and Ray Hunt, to create her own style. Here, she focuses on the importance of building a strong foundation for the horse, and creating a safe and stress-free environment for both horse and owner/rider to help build their confidence.

Anna splits her time between Dorset and Hungary, where she has a training facility and equine tourism business she runs with her partner. She also travels worldwide, both training and teaching. When she is in the U.K she is available for training at her own facility, lessons, call outs, demonstrations, courses and workshops. She is also available for pet and house sitting.

Anna's main passion is working with wild and remedial horses to help rehabilitate and re-home them. She is happy to work with any horses at rescue centres for a discounted rate.

For further information, please visit www.discoverequus.co.uk or contact Anna at discoverequus@gmail.com

Ref: 2437-415 

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