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Emily Harris Equestrian


Emily Harris is an international Grand Prix dressage rider and UKCC Level Three coach. Experienced with horses and riders of all ages and levels, Emily offers accessible and friendly sessions tailored to each combination.


'Emily is a fantastic coach and trainer. Her excellent coaching skills have transformed the confidence I have in myself as a rider. Every training session is fun and hugely rewarding. She has excellent communication skills and seems to just quietly tinker away at improving your position and aids without you really noticing!'

'I won a lesson with Emily at a dressage competition last year and we were so impressed with her we've hosted a regular clinic ever since. Her depth of knowledge belies her young age and her quiet, calm, horse friendly approach to training is very popular. She has experience with all types and levels of horse and rider, and comes highly recommended by us at Woodington Training Centre.’

'Emily Harris has been a huge help to us at the Haywards Stud, helping us train our ponies for dressage, which in turn helps our showing as well. Her quiet, gentle, effective approach has also helped us be part of the winning team of six at the National Riding Club Championships. Such fun and enjoyable lessons.'

Ref: 2412-390


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