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NFED Example Listing


This is an simple example of an NFED Directory Listing. Each listing is set up by the administrator, if you have questions or special instructions, please contact us & we will do our best to oblige.

This should be your name or company heading (max 75 characters).

Listing Text
This is a full description of the services that you offer. It is your responsibility to ensure that your listings accurately describes your business or service that you provide. Links to websites, social media & videos can all be included.

You can use the full address or town & county. A map will be provided. The map can be turned off if you prefer, but this will prevent your listing being shown in the map view.

Phone Numbers
You can enter two numbers. Other contact details or instruction can be shown in the main text.

An Email address is required for admin purposes, but you can select whether to display it in your listing as a contact option. If you are concerned about showing your Email address, we can set up a forwarding address for you free of charge. will be displayed. This will forward emails to your own address.

If you have a website, a link will be provided.

Facebook Page
If you have a Facebook page, a link will be provided.

A standard listing can go in up to four suitable categories.
An economy can use one category.

You can show up to twelve photos on a standard listing, (one for economy listing).
You can send them in any format, larger the better to maintain quality.
Photos will be cropped & resized for you as necessary.
Photos will show in a lightbox with slide show.

Short Links
If you would like a short link to your page just ask and it will be set up for you at no extra cost. You can then use this for advertising to send customers directly to your page.

Event Diary
If you post events in the NFED Event Diary, each event will contain a link to your listing to provide further information for site visitors, whilst giving extra free adverting for you. To see a working example of an event: Click Here
With a Standard listing, all commercial events are completely free of charge.

Business News
The Business News service comes with a Standard Listing at no extra cost. All news items will appear on the main site, newsletter and social media pages.

Payment can be made online by card, Paypal or by monthly subscription.
Phone payments, cheque or BACS are also accepted. You will be contacted by Email when your renewal is due.

Your listing will normally be activated within 24 hours of receiving the details & payment.
To modify your listing or change photos, please Email the details or instructions to:
We reserve the right to refuse our business services to any business that we consider inappropriate, in competition or offer a duplication of any of the services that we offer.

Listing Reference
Each listing has a unique number which will be provided for you.

Ref: 2407-385


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