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Thea Heim - Equestrian Training


Friendly and encouraging coach for all levels and ages - fully qualified, insured and first aid trained.

Thea helps you to understand anatomy and bio mechanics to achieve softness, balance and harmony, whether for a dressage competition, improve schooling for other disciplines or just to enjoy riding your horse more.
Apart from riding lessons she is also happy to help with ground work, lunging, long-reining or whatever else you want.

In April 2015 Thea successfully finished her education as a riding instructor with passing the German equivalent to the BHS Assistant Instructor exam.

Please contact Thea to discuss your requirements in detail.

Thea's Philosophy:

When riding and training horses you have to consider their physical and mental health. Only a horse that is fit and willing will give the rider this incredible feeling of being one single entitiy. It is our task to ensure that we train our horses in a way that keeps them confident, healthy and motivated – whether it is for competition or leisure. I believe in a systematic training plan both for the rider and the horse tailored to individual needs with the aim to increase balance, coordination, communication and strength to lead to overall harmony. For the horse this plan is roughly structured by the German scale of training: Rhythm – Relaxation – Connection – Impulsion – Straightness – Collection.
The rider will first need to find his balance and develop an independent seat in the three paces. Then he/she will be able to learn the different seat, leg and rein aids to interact with the horse in a friendly and supple manner.

I strongly believe that a proper base and a good education on the ground is important. You want your horse to be your partner, to trust, respect and obey you without any fear or submission. A polite horse is not only important for the safety of you and others it also makes daily handling so much more fun. Therefore every horse should know the basics of ground work, lunging and trailer loading.


Ref: 2297-274E


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