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Helena Whiting Equine Sports Massage Therapist


Helena is a fully qualified and insured certified equine sports massage therapist based in Ringwood in the New Forest, covering Hampshire, Dorset and South Wilts.

Equine sports massage endorses the use of human sports massage techniques and applies them to the equine athlete in order to treat and prevent pain or discomfort within the muscles. It helps to maintain and improve a horse?s performance by treating existing problems as well as prevent potential issues before they arise.

Sports massage can be used to treat a range of common musculoskeletal issues, changes in behaviour and typical schooling problems. Regular, professional sports massage will ensure your horses muscles are prepared for any level of work. Not only can massage be used for general maintenance during training, but also uring a period of box rest/reduced work load and directly before or after an event.

Contact Helena if your horse displays any of the following:

Reluctance to relax into an outline, or neck stiffness
Lack of poll flexion and bend
Lack of head inclination through lateral work
Failure to track up, uneven stride length, or general stiffness in the limbs
Inability to pick up a particular canter lead, or inability to perform flying changes on one lead
Difficulty when performing lateral work, on one or both sides
Stiffness or lack of bend on one rein
Head shaking, tilting and shyness
Sore or cold backed, bucking or rearing when ridden
Hollow backed
General musculo-skeletal problems

Introductory offers are available to new clients as well as groups of 2 or more horses at one location on request. Please feel free to contact me for a chat at your own convenience. 


Ref: 2251-228E


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