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Harry Chaim Faibish B.H.S.A.I.


Classical trainer, riding teacher & author of the books "Healing Horses the Classical Way" and My Mom and Suzy.

Classicaly trained under three Masters, Egon Von Neindorff in Germany, Nuno Oliveira in Portugal, and Head Rider Hans Riegler of the Spanish Riding School Vienna.

I have ridden for 46 years, working with horses for 36 years in the Classical way and leaving many happy horses in Israel, England, Wales, Ireland, USA, Germany, Austria, and Portugal.

1. In 1983 my pupil (Pony 7yo) wanted to get in Junior British Team of Dressage, in that Competition were 40 riders from GB, they came to me 3.5 months before the selection, at last competition she came 11th, (The selectors took 8 rider).

2. In 1984 my pupil came 10th out of 40 riders, at Good- Wood Novice Dressage Championship.

3. In 1991 my blind pupil at Aarhus, Denmark, World Championship, came 3th.

4. In 1991 my pupil (17yo, she was the youngest in the class, and the Mare 5.5yo) won the Dressage Competition at one day event by 10 marks, against riders from all over the world, after they competed in Denmark, World Championship, the Competition was in UK.

5. In 2005 the Israeli Team came to UK to Compete at British Championship and my blind pupil came 5th.

Riding lessons, any breed, any sex, any problem, from novice to advance with feel and love, include Piaffer & Passage.

Problem horses & remedial work, overcomes both physically & mental impairments.

If you are interested in Lecture/Demo, or Clinics, please give me a call, anywhere in UK, I am always happy to help.

Other Courses.

The art of Lunging, Work in hand from the ground, & Healing horses with lunging, Classical Dressage.

Please contact me for further details. Tel: 07581 142882


Ref: 1556-209

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=209

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