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Stour XC Cross Country Course


Stour XC - Training and practice cross country

Stour XC is a cross country course situated near Blandford. The Course, which opened in 2013, has a new layout, redesigned by Adrian Ditchman, and offers more variety of fences for 2015.

We have over 38 fences of heights BE60 - BE100 cm, a raised bank, ditches, a trakehner and a triple jump on the raised bank. NEW FOR THIS YEAR IS A WATER TO WATER JUMP.

All clubs, instructors, riders and children are welcome. We also have a convenient car park, warm up area and a cabin for making a well earned hot drink afterwards!!

The course, which is opened from March to October, is easily accessible directly from the A350, within 17 – 18 miles Ringwood, Dorchester, Shaftesbury.

To book the course or to find out more visit website www.stourxc.co.uk or tel no 07583 797420.

Follow us on twitter, find us on facebook and view our clips on You tube.

Ref: 2002-107

Commercial Events held at this venue can be listed in the NFED Diary free of charge. #freecommercial

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=107

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