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East Dorset Riding Club


East Dorset Riding Club Group, will be largely based at Hurn Bridge Equestrian Centre. We will also be using other local venues within the East Dorset Area

The club is affiliated to BRC, (BHS) which will provide opportunities to participate in inter Club Teams, but of course we can not do that without Members!!

Just a taste of what is to come! ...

Monthly clear round and flatwork / jumping clinics with top local trainers, social evenings, and summer Bar-B-Q.

With the club in its infant stages we are looking forward to hearing what you want from your club so that we tailor our annual events for our members, so please visit our facebook group East Dorset Riding Club and post all ideas and suggestions and we will do our best.

Join us on facebook, cut and paste the link into your browser


Adult Members £20.00
Junior Members (under 18) £10.00
Non Riding Member £10.00

East Dorset Riding Club Membership Form

Ref: org-104

Link: www.nfed.co.uk/d.php?ref=104

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