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Harry Chaim Faibish B.H.S.A.I.
Classical trainer, riding teacher & author of the books "Healing Horses the Classical Way" and My Mom and Suzy. Classicaly trained under three Masters, Egon Von Neindorff in Germany, Nuno Oliveira in Portugal, and Head Rider Hans Riegler of the Spanish Riding School Vienna. ...
Equine Intelligence Ltd Lucy Morgans
Lucy Morgans is a Recommended Trainer of Kelly Marks - Intelligent Horsemanship. Also Lucy is a Certified Equinology Equine Body Worker (EEBW), trained by Equinology. Lucy is also an Accredited Horse Agility Instructor (HAAT) via the International Horse Agility Club. Working wit...
Discover Equus
Anna Thomas is an Equine behaviourist and Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, who combines her deep understand of horse psychology with 20+ years experience in varies disciplines, to create a willing partnership with the horse, using non-violent training methods. She specialises ...
Debbie Reilly - 'Understanding Equus'
Horse Behaviour and Training Consultant, Horsemanship Coach - Dedicated to helping horses & humans develop trust based relationships through understanding & communication, Debbie founded the ‘Understanding Equus’ approach in 1998. Educating horse owners, hors...
Amanda Barton Riding Clinics, Coaching and Arena Hire
Freelance riding coaching, lessons, clinics and arena hire in the New Forest area Are you having enough fun with your horse? If not, I may be able to help you! Would you like to have more confidence? Does your horse need more confidence with life in general? Are you someone who...
Alice Innes - Equine Sports Therapist
Alice is a fully qualified and insured sports massage therapist with IAAT. Also offering red light therapy and RockTape kinesiology taping for the horse and rider. BSc Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Level 2 Emmett Therapist Ref: 2439-417...

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