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DBD Results 26 - 09 - 2021 Utopia Farm

Class 1 Long rein/In hand Walk & Trot DBD A
1st Rebecca Churchouse Bruce

Class 2 Walk & Trot DBD B
1st Kathy Fitch Layla
2nd Georgina Miller Cati
3rd Andrea Webb Eric
4th Lauren Jewell Chief
5th Lauren Jewell Hugo
6th Debbie Brown Zag Rock Chick
7th Clare Scurfield Villy
8th Imogen Keane Grand Inquisitor
9th Ella Clarke Willow
10th Emma Hickman Miss Tanquery Tari

Class 3 Walk trot and Canter DBD C
1st Andrea Webb Eric

Class 4 Pairs Freestyle
1st Ella Clarke Willow
Georgina Miller Cati
2nd Jenny Ann Mugford Prince
Clare Scurfield Villy

Class 5 Have a Double Go Prelim 4
1st Jade Gibson Squeak
2nd Jade Gibson Layla
3rd Jenny Ann Mugford Prince
4th Millie Lark
5th Anna Burton

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