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The NFED is a popular premium advertising service for the equestrian and countryside community.

Costs are covered by an insertion fee of £8.99, but qualifying low value ads up to £174.99 (excluding horses or ponies) may be approved without payment. There are no commision or further charges.
This is not a free ads system, the payment button will show on all adverts. Paid ads are featured, you can choose to pay for a free advert to a featured it & give it further exposure.

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Horse/Pony Offered or Wanted regardless of value £8.99
Horse/Pony Offered or Wanted for share, full or part loan, riding offered or wanted £8.99
Any offered Item with a value of over £174.99 or not displaying a price £8.99
Liveries, grazing or property Offered or Wanted for sale or rent £8.99
Any repeat advert under two months old or exceeding usage limits £8.99
Trade advert without a standard directory listing (No Services) £8.99
Feature a Free Ad £8.99

Clearly priced offered items up to £174.99 - Excluding equines Free*
Employment Vacancies Offered Free*