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INTRODUCTION - The New Forest Pony

If you are looking for a pony ideal for child or adult - versatile, kind temperament, intelligent and agile - then consider the New Forest Pony. This British Native pony is certainly proving its worth so read on to discover why. There is no minimum height (they do come small) and the upper limit is 148cm. It comes in all colours except piebald, skewbald and blue-eyed cream. In order to be recognized by the breed society, the pony must be registered with the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society based in Bransgore, Hampshire who issue a green passport. The society holds an annual Stallion and Breed Show where performance tests for stallions, mares and geldings are carried out. There is also grading for both Forest Bred mares and those from studs.

The ponies conceived and born on the New Forest - now a National Park - are known as Forest Bred. These tough ponies live out in all weather, mixing with the free roaming cattle, donkeys and occasional pigs, absorbing valuable experiences in their formative months. Sadly, in spite of the speed limit of 40 mph many are killed by the relentless traffic. They have the right of way on the roads and lanes but all too often the motorist or lorry driver does not give them priority.

At Beaulieu Road Saleyard auction sales of New Forest Registered ponies are held from May to November. The auctions have two Pre-sale Shows per year, youngstock in the spring and foals in the autumn, which are organised by the New Forest Pony Publicity Group - ponies must be halter broken to enter. The classes are judged by a top list show judge and these show ponies when auctioned can expect to reach sums near the 800 gns mark.

New Forest Ponies form the very successful New Forest Pony Enthusiasts Club (celebrating 21 years in 2007), affiliated to the British Riding Clubs. It is unique in that it is the only club in the country dedicated to one breed of pony, competing against the far bigger horse breeds and winning nationally. Last year (2006) the club won the Rural Riders Championship at the BRC National Dressage Championships at Lincoln, the Senior Novice Hunter Trials Title at the BRC Hunter Trials Championships plus several individual wins. Also a New Forest Pony wins or is consistently highly placed in National and International Trec Championships



Not every pony that comes from the New Forest is a pure bred New Forest pony?
Is your New Forest Pony registered with the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society?
Does the pony possess the green passport issued by this authority?
Why is it important to have a Registered New Forest Pony?

If you have a genuine New Forest pony, you may need to prove its breed and unless it is registered with the NF Pony Breeding Society, this is very difficult. (In fact it may not be possible.) Amongst the mandatory identifying requirements included in this NF Pony Breed passport will be the pedigree. These details are supported by the entry in the Society’s Stud book proving its breeding.

If you buy a New Forest foal make sure it has the correct registration application form which can then be presented to the NFPB & CS for the breed passport. Likewise, if you buy a “New Forest Pony”, the NFPB & CS green passport will verify it’s breeding.

So what is gained by having the NFPB & CS passport? Perhaps you wish to enter the pony in a Mountain and Moorland Show Class. For this you will need to prove its true breed.

With this passport, the pony is of greater value. It is a New Forest Pony which when bred from will continue the bloodline. Its progeny, depending on the Society’s requisite criteria for the breed, can then be registered in the Stud book and these NF ponies are not lost to the breed.

For further information contact:-

The New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society,
The Corner House, Ringwood Road, Bransgore, Hampshire. BH23 8AA
Tel: 01425 672775

or see the contact section below.

About the NFPPG

The New Forest Pony Publicity Group (NFPPG) was formed in 2001 to raise the profile and value of the native New Forest pony. Commoners breeding these ponies which run free on the forest were failing to achieve market prices which reflect the true value of these ponies. With funding from EU’s New Forest LEADER+ Programme and as part of the Forest Friendly Farming Project, the Group has been achieving its aims.

Twice a year the Group organise a Pre-sale Show prior to the Auction at Beaulieu Road Sale Yard - Youngstock in May and Foals in September. To enter the show ponies must be halter broken, the classes are judged by a Top List judge and all entries are then sold later in the auction.

Each year the Group visits the major equine shows with information and a photographic display demonstrating the achievements of this breed. These include championship wins in Dressage, Hunter Trials, British Eventing and Trec competing against horses at National and International level. Whether ridden competitively or for leisure, the ponies are ridden by both adults and children.

The Group, entirely run by volunteers, rely on outside funding to support them. For further information visit New Forest Pony Publicity Group site or contact Peter Pidgley on 01590 676476, email

Further Information

New Forest Pony Publicity Group Contacts

Mandy Pidgley - Beaulieu Road
Foal & Youngstock Shows
Beaulieu Road
19 Roydon Lane, Boldre, Lymington,
Hants. SO41 8PE

Tel: 01590 676476
Email -

New Forest Livestock Society: Welfare; Buyers Guide with handling tips

Southern Counties Auctioneers: Sales Catalogues -
Tel: 01722 321215

New Forest Pony Breeding & Cattle Society: Passports, Registrations, Breeding, Shows.

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