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Dolly 13.3 sweet but complicated mare
14.2hh & Under Offered
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Joanne Lunt
07402 091791
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Dolly was purchased by myself to bring on and sell
However upon getting her home and starting work it became very apparent Dolly
Had more complications than first thought.

Dolly is by nature a quiet thoughtful mare, she appears to have been
Ridden in an ill fitting saddle causing scar hair
Dolly has a damaged dock- a tail bandage on too tight and too long would be my guess
Dolly was as stiff as a board with no elasticity in any of her frame
This all created a stiff mare, unable and unwilling to move forwards or enjoy being ridden
Dolly napped, reversed, reared and bucked( tiny ones)
Dolly did these things in an effort to unnerve her jockey, they are not fast or hot reactions. She looks where she is reversing. She is trying to get you to dismount, not throw you off.
For a confident jockey with a sense of humour these things are easily dealt with, however for a nervous or unsure jockey these behaviours would
Be unnerving and scary amd therefore not good for Dolly either.

Dolly is intelligent and as such understands when she is being taught a different way to be,
Dolly has had a full MOT and is fully accepting of her new rules.
Elasticity work is progressing, Dolly is not a speed machine, or a competition pony
Absolutely bombproof in Traffic, bicycles, tracks and lanes, open spaces.
Hacking alone, loves to pick blackberries amd crab apples
Steady trot and canter work.
Dolly is progressing in the arena, she is not a dressage pony but with time and correct exercise she will gradually improve and I hope enjoy her work.

Dolly needs a happy confident jockey, not necessarily experienced but a sense of humour is essential as it a lack of nerves.
She is now sweet on the ground, very quiet and easy to do.
Bare foot, unfed, rugged and hayed.

Dolly is currently hogged, I have clipped her feathers off and she has a chaser
She is a sweet soul. Dolly cost me 2,500.00. This is what I am asking for her, she does not need to make any profit as I would just like to see her happy and loved and treated with kindness.

Happy for her to go on trial, please call for a chat if you think you might make a good team

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