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Little special needs Welsh pony 12.2hh seeking Human companion
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Looking for loving home. Clever little Ruby is a 24 year old mare, standing at 12.2hh. Preferably a home on her own or with a small pony friend maybe.

Very kind natured, very easy to handle. Sweet lady, very pretty cuddle pony. Never kicked or bit a human. Nice to other horses as long as they are nice to her or she will scream at them.

Ruby is special needs as she only has a small amount of sight. Diagnosed by the vet as having cataracts, no pain. Hence she should not be with large horses as she can be frightened by them.
She is a diabetic pony and only needs small amounts of grass topped up with a slice of hay. So a small area is all she needs or larger with poor grass. Lives out but likes shelter. She is a very ornamental lawn mower for gardens and could be happy living in a larger garden.

Due to sight she should not have barb wire or electric tape without a warning non electric sub-fence to warn her.

Ruby loves being pampered and cuddled, with sweet nothings being whispered in her ears. She will call to her human and can be quite chatty. Always comes to call as she loves human company. When she trusts you she might like a little walk as long as you guide her. She knows the word “carefully” if an obstacle is in her path for example. She is a very clever and bright pony. I had thought that with little eyesight she might not cope but she does incredibly well. She needs time getting to know a new surrounding and might bump a bit but soon gets the hang of her area and then she’s off even trotting and cantering about. She currently lives in part woodland and copes perfectly. .

I considered her a charity pony, I can make a contribution in terms of hoof care and supply some of her needed minerals. Both of which are very important and make keeping problem free as long as she does not get fat. She must never get fat due to her diabetes but I am happy to help settle her and once her needs are understood she is very easy to keep.

I would like her not to be too far. I will stay in touch and be supportive.. She trusts me a great deal and it is very sad to seek a home for her but I feel she could trust somebody else too and bring much joy to a person or family or maybe be a companion to a equally small kind older pony.

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