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NFED Classified Photographs

All NFED Classified adverts will accept up to four images in jpg, jpeg, bmp png or gif image The maximum image file size is approximately 3Mb (per image). Each image will be reduced automatically to a maximum of 800px x 800px on upload.

You can upload the photos at the final stage of the advert submission or at anytime afterwards through the advert control panel. The main image must be uploaded to trigger the other images to be displayed.

If the photo uploads successfully, you will get a message & a thumbs up uploaded

When the advert is viewed each image will link to the larger image.
The advert heading will appear under each full size photo unless quotation marks or certain characters are included in the text.

Main Pic
Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4

This video gives help & tips & explains common photo problems.

Upload Problems
For basic problems you will get an error message. If the photo is over the size limit or fails to upload within 60 seconds it may time out without an error message, so you should always look for the green thumb. See the photo editing section below to reduce the size & try again. If all else fails, send the photos to us & we can sort them out for you, see photo support below.

The main image will trigger any further images to be displayed. If the main photos fails, but the others upload ok, they will not be shown in the advert until the main image is in place.

Photo Orientation
There are well documented problems reading the correct photo orientation from certain phones & tablets. This problem affects all websites and can result in photos appearing on their side or upside down after uploading. We will correct any photos that we see are affected, or users can rotate the photos using any photo editing software before uploading. Click Here to use the online photo editor. Remember to refresh the page or clear your history if a photo is corrected & replaced.

Removing a Photo
If you upload the wrong photo, simply upload another in the same slot & it will replace the original, but as usual you may need to refresh the page to see the difference. If you need to remove a photo completely & not replace it, please contact admin & we will remove the image for you. Please supply your advert number & which image to remove.

Show More Photos
If four photos aren't enough for you, we can set up photo gallery for up to another 10 photos.

Photo Support
If you have any problems uploading your photographs or Youtube video, we can do this for you free of charge.

Email photos along with your advert number to: or reply to your advert details Email
Text photo directly from your mobile phone to: 07826 857124 (Paid Ads only)
Post prints or photos on disk to: NFED, Brushwood, Church Lane, Sway, Hants. SO41 6AD.

If you send more than the permitted number, we will only upload what we consider the best photos.

If posting, please include your advert number & a SAE if you would like your prints returned.
In all circumstances, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have copyright for any photographs used.

Photo Editing

Good photos can make a huge difference to an advert & really help to grab the viewers attention, so it pays to take a bit of time to make the most of them.

What not to do!
If you scan your photos, don't scan the whole scanner, just select the photo.
If you use certain phones or tablets, they may not communicate with other systems to tell them which way up the photos should be.
If the photo is too dark or there is too much background, the subject will be lost.
So many photos are taken on dirty phones resulting in very blurry photos. Clean the lens before you start.

uncropped cropped uncropped
Scan the whole scanner Inverted Image Too much back ground

What you can do.
It is always better to crop the photo to only show the interesting part, dark photos can be lightened & visa versa, images can be rotated or sharpened. If your photos are on your phone or tablet, most now allow photos to be edited or there are many photo editing app's available. Which ever method you use to edit the photos, remember to save them as new (jpg) images, then upload them in the normal way. If you don't have photo editing software. Click Here to use the online photo editor.

Compilation images can be made up from several photos, or why not add some text to each photo? The advert heading will be shown under all of the photos, but further text can be added to each individual image in a photo editing program.

Edited Photos, much better.
cropped compilation
Cropped & Lightened A Compilation Image

You can log in & change the photos as often as you want, just remember to refresh the page or clear your history if they don't seem to change.

To upload your photo

    1. Go to the control panel "Click Here".
    2. Select Modify Ad or Upload Photo
    3. Enter your Ad Number & Password ( Passwords are case sensitive )
    4. Scroll down to the upload photo section.
    5. Locate & select the photo on your hard drive.
    6. Click on the "Upload Photo" button.
    7. If the photo uploads successfully, you will get a message & a thumbs up uploaded
    8. If you replace an existing photo, remember to refresh the page when you view it or the photo may not change.
      * This doesn't mean that the photo hasn't uploaded, only that you are viewing the old one held in your history.

Adding YouTube Videos

Videos cannot be uploaded directly, but you can link to or embed a video hosted on YouTube. This is an ideal way to show your horse or pony in action or if you have a Directory listing, show potential clients what you can offer.

Note: Videos must be directly relevant to your advert & not advertising a service, company or be in competition with the NFED or its sponsors unless the company or individual has a current listing in the Directory. Unsuitable videos will be removed without notice. No more than two videos must be embedded in a single advert. We are happy to add up to two videos to your advert for you, simply Email the Youtube video link/s to the administrator along with the advert number.

This video explains how to add your videos to your advert using both of the following methods.

To add your own video:

Method 1: Linking to a Video

To add a link to the video, simply copy the video url into the website field of the submission form. Using this method, the video will not show in your advert, a link will be provided and the video will open in a new window.

The url will look something like:

Method 2: Embed a Youtube Video

To embed the video i.e. show the video & allow it to play in your advert or listing.

Go to the Youtube website, find the video.
1: Click on the Share link below the video.
2: Click on the Embed, link.
3: Select & copy the IFrame code shown in the box.

The html code will look similar to this, everything including the <iframe to the /iframe> must be selected.

4: Paste the code into the main wording* of your advert or listing where you would like the video to go & save the changes.

*DO NOT put the Iframe code in the Website field of the submission form. This will stop the advert working correctly.

If done correctly, the video will appear in the body of your advert or listing like this.

NFED Classifieds Photo Gallery

If you would like to show more than the standard four photos, for only £4.00 you can have a Photo Gallery added to the text section of your advert or listing. A gallery can show up to ten photos with a built in slide show.

To order a Photo Gallery Click Here

Once the order is received, we will set up the gallery for you, add it to your Classified advert & notify you by Email when it is ready. You can then either upload your own images by clicking on the link at the bottom of the gallery or simply Email the images to us. Uploaded images must be less than 1Mb, they will be automatically resized on upload. The thumbnail images are shown in random order, clicking on any image will open a full size image.

For further gallery help, click here.

Sample Gallery
The gallery will appear under the text of your advert.

Please Note:
A gallery is only available with an approved advert or listing. If the advert requires payment, but this is not received, your gallery will be cancelled & payment refunded.

How to Add a Map Link

To insert a How to Find Us link in your advert or listing, simply copy & paste the following code into your advert text & change the post code to your own.

<a href=" 6AD" target="_blank"><img src="../../schedules/map_go.png" width="16" height="16" border="0"> How to Find Us</a>

When the advert is viewed, you will see the map icon & link like this: How to Find Us

Clicking on either will open a Google map of your location along with direction options.

How to Photograph Your Horse

The following are some very basic tips which hopefully will help you to take better photos & get more enjoyment from your equine photography.

The majority of modern cameras will take care of the technical side of things, so you really only have to think of the composition.

Choose a bright, but not necessarily sunny day. On bright days there will be dark shadows & bright highlights that will give a very contrasty picture, particularly with a dark coloured animal.

For a more professional look take time to prepare your horse.

Choose the horse’s best side and make sure you have a suitable, not too distracting background. Have a good look all around the viewfinder & fill it. So many picture cut off the horse while wasting space on the other side of the picture.

Make sure the person holding the horse knows what they are doing & what you are trying to achieve, they can then position the horse accordingly.

Ensure that for a full length shot, you stand the horse with both front legs together and hind leg nearest to you slightly behind the other. For best effect take the photograph in landscape mode.

For a head shot or picture taken from the front, use portrait mode. Avoid getting too close & wide angle lenses which will distort the features. Standing farther away & using a telephoto or zoom lens will give a far more pleasing effect. The narrower depth of field will also have the effect of blurring the background, making your subject stand out from the picture.

As with children or small animals, when photographing foals or smaller breeds, get down to their eye level. You will get a far better photo if you are not looking down on the subject.

It is very difficult to get a horses attention while trying to hold a camera steady. When you look into the camera, you lose eye contact with the horse & the ears immediately go back. I see this over & over again in the line up, the horses look very happy & interested in what you are doing, as soon as the camera covers my face, the ears go back. The easiest way is to get somebody to stand by your shoulder to get the horses attention in which ever way they can while you wait for the perfect shot.

For action or jumping shots, the more light the better. On dark days or indoors it is very difficult if not impossible to freeze the action successfully. Use fast shutter speeds or sports mode if your camera has one. Follow the horse with you camera & squeeze the shutter button whilst still following the horse along. Don’t just hold the camera still & try to grab the shot as the horse passes.

If your camera has a time delay between pressing the button & taking the shot, practice! With a little patience, it is possible to know when to press the button & get the shot.

Steve Kitcher &
Connecting the Central Southern Equestrian Community