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NFED Classifieds Reviews, Testimonials & Comments
Thank you to our users for the following comments.

18/06/2018: Testimonial: First to view brought! Thank you NFED
17/06/2018: Testimonial: Thank you NFED Sold within 24 hours.
17/06/2018: Testimonial: Very effective ad. Sold to the first enquirer at the asking price and had 6 more disappointed enquirers contact me.
15/06/2018: Testimonial: My car sold very quickly on NFED, thank you so much for providing such a brilliant site for local equestrian items, and more!
13/06/2018: Testimonial: Brilliant-Sold in minutes...Thanks
13/06/2018: Testimonial: Fab service thank you
13/06/2018: Testimonial: Excellent NFED - thanks!
12/06/2018: Testimonial: Now sold to a lovely new home.
09/06/2018: Testimonial: Thank you Nfed, sold in less than 24hours to a lovely home!
09/06/2018: Testimonial: Thank you to NFED for helping me to get pictures on and for making the sale process easy as usual.
08/06/2018: Testimonial: Sold quickly.
05/06/2018: Testimonial: Now sold to a lovely home
04/06/2018: Testimonial: Absolutely inundated with emails, hopefully I have found a perfect home for him
02/06/2018: Testimonial: Easy sale
02/06/2018: Testimonial: Sold within a couple of days
02/06/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Sold to the most perfect forever home thanks nfed
29/05/2018: Testimonial: Sold to a lovely home in the New Forest
27/05/2018: Testimonial: Sold within 12 hours! Thanks
26/05/2018: Testimonial: Great service from the nfed team & a great response to my add, horse sold within a week. Thanks.
26/05/2018: Testimonial: Regularly use NFED for items for sale. Good coverage and again sold very quickly
25/05/2018: Testimonial: Sold in 24 hours.Thanks!
21/05/2018: Testimonial: Found a sharer through NFED many thanks
17/05/2018: Testimonial: Thank you NFED - I had a very good response rate to my advertisement, and have now found my new horse!
17/05/2018: Testimonial: Sold in 24 hours, NFED is a fabulous forum for selling, well done!
13/05/2018: Testimonial: Sold within 24 hours, thanks NFED
13/05/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Lots of enquiries easy sale.
10/05/2018: Testimonial: Thank you NFED. Another happy horse owner has gone away with a bargain, and I have made some pocket money
09/05/2018: Testimonial: Thank you NFED - had several offers and suited within 24 hours.
09/05/2018: Testimonial: Thank you NFED, good enquiries about the car and a successful sale.
07/05/2018: Testimonial: Sold very quickly thanks to NFED
07/05/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Happy riding lovely new home with the girls
02/05/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Wishing you many years of happiness & fun !
24/04/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Lovely home found for our beloved little mare - all the best for many happy times!
24/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold very quickly thanks NFED
22/04/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Good Luck Annabelle!
17/04/2018: Testimonial: SOLD to first person to view.
17/04/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Lovely home found through NFED, we wish them all the best with Posey x
17/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold nice and quick advertised easily
12/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold Thanks nfed
11/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold quickly thanks nfed
11/04/2018: Testimonial: SOLD - good luck to the new owner.
10/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold - thanks for the interest
10/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold to a lovely home, thanks Nfed
09/04/2018: Testimonial: Sold thanks to nfed, to a lovely Home,wishing them all the best for there future together
09/04/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Sold to lovely home
06/04/2018: Testimonial: Another advertising success ! Thank you NFED
02/04/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: Now sold to his wonderful new owner Di, wishing them years of fun together.
01/04/2018: Testimonial: Inundated. An early bird got the worm!
31/03/2018: Good Luck Message for New Owner: All the very best I hope you have as much fun as I have had thank you for giving him such a loving home
Connecting the Central Southern Equestrian Community