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Humane Good Nature Traps for Rats and Mice


Humane Good Nature Traps for Rats and Mice

Trouble with rats in feed barns is often a big problem.

The A24 Good Nature rat trap is a self-resetting, humane, lethal rat and mice trap. Compact, toxin free, It is easy to install and resets itself after each humane strike, up to 24 times per CO2 canister.

The A24 Good Nature Traps are effective on farms, in gardens, stables or even lofts. Whether be in a city or town enviroment or in a rural setting. The Good Nature traps are safe for pets and uses no poison.

The Good nature traps immediately kill once triggered without maiming or suffering. The Good Nature Traps and have been tested to the highest standards both in the UK and New Zealand.

See our Website for full details or to purchase online:
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