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Moles, Rats, Rabbits, Mice, Squirrels and Wasps

Based in Lymington, I provide a professional and courteous Pest Control service which covers the New Forest area.

Moles - I use only Standard approved spring traps ensuring a humane and swift despatch for which I operate on a No mole - No fee policy.  I charge £60.00 for the service and £20.00 for each additional mole caught.

Rodents (Rats/ Mice) - I charge £60.00 for this service which I use professional grade rodenticide and offer advice on proofing to prevent further problems. This will normally be over a 4 to 6 week period. 

Rabbits – I charge £60 for a 3 day visit. I take into consideration the horses and won’t cause any unnecessary distress and so use live trapping to catch rabbits and manually despatch. However each case will be assessed and discussed with you the best course of treatment. 

Squirrels - I charge £80.00 for trapping over a 3 day period including lofts/ attics or alternatively £90.00 for one whole day using suppressed air rifles/ hides. 

Wasps - I charge £40.00 for the service. Professional grade Insecticide is used to kill the wasps, normally within a couple of hours. Extra £10.00 charge to remove the nest if requested. 

I offer Contracts (long term or short term) at reasonable & competitive rates for all pests can be discussed in person.

For additional peace of mind, I hold the RSPH level 2 Award in Pest Management, Insured for Public Liability and hold the certificate for CRRU (Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use) allowing me to purchase and use professional grade insecticides & rodenticides.

I am also a member of Basis PROMPT register for professional pest controllers.

Please Call/text or email anytime to arrange for a free visit and no obligation quote.  Mobile 07907966737, email:

Ref: 2261-238E

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