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Reconditioning Your Horse - Backing, Retraining or Problem Horses in the Salisbury and New Forest


Need your horse breaking in and don't have the time?
Do you have a frustrating problem horse that could be getting out of hand?

We offer breaking and retraining for young, green or difficult horses, and we drive out and do it at your home yard or livery yard.

We try to avoid taking the horse to our own yard unless there are exceptional circumstances or you are simply too far away, and we don't charge a fee on distances less than 15 miles from Salisbury.

We have worked with everything from eventers and racehorses to children's first ponies, and we do more than just teach your horse to take a rider. We also spend time bomb-proofing your horse, making sure that he is safe and happy with traffic, sudden movements, loud noises and any big scary objects that he might encounter in the future.

With problem horses, just give us a quick phone call and let us know what you're struggling with, and we will help you decide on the best course of action.

There's nothing we won't do our best to help you fix.

Unfortunately we cannot offer advice on how to break in or re-train your horse yourself, every horse reacts differently and there is no one way to fix all your problems, without assessing the horse we are not able to tell you which method is best for you.

You might be curious to know what methods we use or our process. The answer is very simple and needs no explanation - whatever works. There is no one method that works for every horse, and if you find that your horse isn't responding to the methods you favour then sometimes you have to try something new. Every horse we encounter is different and it's impossible to know which method will work for your horse until we have been out and assessed them.

We charge £20 for the assessment, after which you are under no obligation to commit to using our services.

You can either call or give us a text with your name, postcode and a message so we can call you back. Alternatively, visit our website to fill out a contact form, read more about our services or read reviews from previous or current clients.

Our prices are £45 per horse per session, or you can book 5 sessions for £175.

If you are over 15 miles from Salisbury you will be charged £1 a mile from the 15 mile point. So if you're 30 miles away you will only be charged for the extra 15 miles.

Give us a call or a text on 07802830727, or alternatively, email us at

*We apologise but we are not able to offer breaking in services using natural horsemanship methods. Bitting is essential to the breaking in process and once the horse is riding away transferring to a bitless bridle will be safer for both horse and rider.

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