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Tash Daszykowski (BSc Equestrian Psychology and Equine Sport Science)


Tash Daszykowski (2D'ski horsemanship) has over 20 years equine experience and holds a Bachelor of Science degree is Equestrian Psychology and Equine Sport Science.
She has worked in different aspects of the equine industry including riding school, holiday/hacking, breaking and training and equine assisted counselling and therapy.
She worked as resident trainer at The Turn Around Ranch, Alberta, Canada for a year and occasionally goes back for a few weeks a year to start young horses, teach and give clinics.
Tash combines her knowledge of horse behaviour, biomechanics, equine psychology and equine physiology with her knowledge human sports psychology to develop both the horse and rider/handler to create a well balanced partnership.
She believe that both the horse and the human should have mutual responsibilities and need to develop independent mental, emotional and physical self carriage to progress to an ultimate partnership.
Tash offers lessons (groundwork and ridden), breaking and training, schooling and handles 'problem' horses.

For more information phone 07525328899 or visit or find us on facebook

Ref: 2171-150E

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