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Mike Corcoran Timber Buildings


Robust Field Shelters and Stables at Affordable Prices.

Mike Corcoran has been producing bespoke timber buildings for over thirty years and continues to play a key role in the production of the current line of field shelters and stables.

Mike’s customers regularly travel hundreds of miles to collect his products. Why? Because nowhere else can they find the same combination of affordability and durability.
Furthermore, the buildings come in sections of, at most, 8 foot by 6 foot sections (approx 2.5 metres by 2 metres), which means that a standard 36 foot by 12 foot field shelter will fit into a twin horse trailer.

The prices for field shelters are as follows:

12*12 = £475

18*12 = £675

24*12 = £775

VAT at 20% must be added to the above prices.

All fixtures, i.e. bolts etc are included in the price and the roof is box-profile tin.

The shelters and stables quoted above are covered with board 5”*3/8”, which overlap each other an inch and a half and are held in place by 3"*1.5" framing. The exterior of the boards are treated with a fungicide and insecticide.

Additional extras include kickboards, skids and various different styles of stable door. The front opening of the field shelters can also be made to individual specifications.


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